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7th Sense of Colours

Interior Colours

Interior Colours

Interiors of a house add a lot to the overall aesthetics but that's not the end of it. Interiors of your room tell a story about you and it's one of your ways of expression, which is ultimately driven by the power of imagination.

Creativity and inspiration arises in designing the interior of your rooms, and they play a role in affecting the way you think and how you go about your daily life.

Did you know that natural light has beneficial health effects and boosts creativity? Keeping small aspects like these in mind make a huge difference while doing your interiors, and the colours used matter too. Your rooms are your relaxing space. A space where you get entertained and rejuvenated, hence it is important to infuse positive elements to it.

Have a look at some amazing room decor examples and the paint shades used which inspire creativity.

Choosing Interior Colour Schemes
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Whats your
Lucky Colour?


Interior Colour

Importance of
Colour Tones

Colour tones signify varied energies for themselves, as in yellow and red symbolise warmth, whereas green and blue stand for vibrancy.

Choose the Right
Colour for the
Right Room

Consider the purpose of the area that is to be painted, like the kids' room needs to have bright and happy colours.

Colour Texture
is Important

Look for the right texture of colours and consider expert consultation to get the best results that fit your budget.

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