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Sales & Marketing

The Sales and Marketing force at Berger is focused on improving the Berger experience for our users across the table, advancing the brand's position surely and steadily, and enhancing overall performance. They operate at a regional and national level and are quick to respond to the evolving demands and expectations of our clients, distributors, and end users.

Sale & Marketing
Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

At the core of our operations lies Berger's lifeline, its Supply Chain Management, which starts from the base with the sourcing of raw materials and ends at the top, i.e. delivering the final product to our end users. The smooth functioning and running of the supply chain is essential at every point as it plays a huge role in the day to day operation of the company.

Paint Engineering

Paint Engineering plays a vital role in the processes that go into running a successful paint company. Our Paint Engineers not just design and select the correct paint depending on the project, but also have to study in-depth the surfaces involved, the environmental factors involved, ease of application, levels of adherence, corrosiveness and much more, to ensure the durability and optimisation of the paint.

Paint Engineering
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