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What is Berger’s Prolink?

We, as the professional paints management team, have some important tasks like-

  • Our professional painting service includes assisting with product and finishing selection from our collection of products.
  • Technical Data Sheets (TDS) that detail our products are available.
  • Our professional paint experts assist in choosing a hue. Additionally, the Preview function lets you examine a computer-generated representation of how different colour combinations and tints will appear on your walls (at the company's discretion).
  • Site sampling can give a physical impression of the finish and colour when needed.
  • Letters and pictures are used as testimonials.

Also, along with links, our Paint Calculator feature helps estimate the amount of paint needed for a particular project.

Our Interior and Exterior Services

At Berger Paints, we're dedicated to creating enduring relationships with all our stakeholders and introducing fresh ideas to the paint business. One of our many efforts to get there is through our A 'n' D Konnect newsletter. Here, we discuss our inventions and those of numerous architects and interior designers who are revolutionising the paint business and working to improve the future.


Factors considered by any interior or exterior painter when choosing paints are-

  • Coverage.
  • Washability.
  • Quality of paint and primer.
  • Low and zero VOC has a negligible smell.

Any professional painting contractor would suggest the following steps-

  1. Fill grooves and nail holes.
  2. Next, apply drywall compound to all the holes and grooves in the wall.
  3. Clean the walls after completing the preceding procedures, depending on the current condition of the walls.
  4. Cover Smudges.
  5. Take off the outlet covers and tape the trim.

You must remember that rather than attempting to stretch your paint here and there, apply steady pressure to the brush or roller to maintain the paint's consistency. When painting, stay clear of leaving brush or roller markings. Before the paint begins to dry, overlap the strip that has already been coated.