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Kolkata Street Art Festival

About Kolkata Street Art Festival

Street Art is a form in which artists display various art works on public spaces like community buildings, boundary walls, walls adjoining main streets etc.

Berger Paints, India's second largest paint company headquartered in Kolkata, decided to bring this art form to the City of Joy. The objective of the Kolkata Street Art Festival was twofold. First, to clean and beautify the prominent walls of Kolkata with the colours of Berger and secondly, to give an opportunity to the artists of Kolkata to showcase their talent for the consumption of the general public. Eminent artist and Member of Parliament, Professor Jogen Chowdhury has mentored this programme and a team of artists led by senior artist Mr. Barun Saha have been involved in this mission.

Kolkata Street Art Festival An Initiative by Berger

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Kolkata Street Art Festival

Kolkata Street Art Festival celebrates the city's rich cultural heritage

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Festivities & Revelry
Festivities & Revelry
Location : Park Circus