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High Performance Protective Coatings

Protecton range was refurbished keeping in mind global emissions of volatile organic compounds and by introducing high volume solids paints, solvent - less paints, water based paints and such coatings which could offer excellent protection against corrosion for a longer period of time for both steel and concrete infrastructure in the most aggressive conditions. A few of the products are listed here and the detailed technical data sheet is available up on request.

Epilux- The Range of Epoxies

With a wide range to cater to all challenges of environments given here are a few world class products to choose from for the most aggressive conditions - primers, intermediates, mastics, linings and finishes.

Epilux FRX Anticorrosive Coatings

The new generation construction primer meets the constraints of fabrication yard with quick or the extremely delayed over-coating interval. Cured with a tough phenalkamine hardener it offers an able replacement to the costly zinc rich solutions while maintaining the long duration accelerated weathering aggressive salt spray tests proving its corrosion resistance as second best to galvanizing. Dry film thicknesses of 75 to 150 microns are easily achieved in a single coat with compatibility to a range of top coats to choose from depending on the service condition.

Epilux Super Build ST Glass Flake Coating

Better the impermeability the longer the delay in corrosion ingress; wherever blast cleaning is impossible or prohibited as in oil rigs/ platforms, the need for a surface tolerant epoxy coating is highly imperative; self priming property coupled with the impermeable film development with reinforcement of lamellar type glass flakes and compatibility to a wide range of top coats makes it suitable for application on structural steel and pipelines in refineries, chemical units, off-shore platform as an ideal surface tolerant maintenance coating with a capability of building dry film thickness of up to 500 microns of a tough film single coat and a flexibility to wide range of topcoats.

Epilux 950 Super High Build Coating

Single coats finish for both steel and concrete over an epoxy primer for highly aggressive environs, capable of building dry film thickness of 300 microns in a single coat. Working results at field have shown no chalking in six months while maintaining the gloss and colour retention to a semi-glossy level thereby an ideal choice in off-shore platforms, pipelines and tank externals.

Epimax GPE Coating

First of its kind in India, a primer cum finish for abrasive blasted steel surfaces, concrete substrates and for galvanized surfaces; preferred choice for coastal and offshore structures with high salinity, buildings or areas with almost permanent condensation and with high pollution even in interiors; approved for wind mills conical towers exterior long term protection.

Epilux Durebuild FRE Coating

Maintenance coatings in tank installations in refineries pose a great challenge on the floating roof tops with limitations to surface preparation and to the stagnating fluid retention; a high solids coating with superior wetting properties even on manual or power tool cleaned substrates for both construction and in maintenance painting requirements for floating roofs exteriors, bridge decks in coastal marine environments.

Epilux STL Coating

Conforms to Australian spec. AS 4020, a solvent less tank liner that can be applied on steel and concrete having superb resistance to concentrated solutions of common alkalis, aliphatic, aromatic hydrocarbons, hot salt solutions, good resistance to weak mineral acids and vegetable oil with typical dry film thickness of 250 to 500 microns.

Epiphenolic HBTL

Self priming ceramic filled novalac epoxy amine compounds most suitable as a Tank Liner for elevated wet heat temperatures of up to 180oC applied at 150 to 200 microns per coat.

Epilux Floor Coatings

Industrial floors subjected to abuse due to contamination, erosion, and which require easy cleanability can have a long lasting glossy floor coating from a thickness range of 500microns to 5mm thickness. Other versions include antiskid floor coating and for increased load bearing requirements use of floor screed at thickness of 3mm to 5mm before the top coat is a welcome option to save on concrete refurbishment costs while improving the aesthetics of the floor appearance. The range includes self leveling and roller applied floor coatings.

Lumeros - Heat Resistant Coatings

Steel structures exposed to high heat are protected with the range of coatings for temperatures up to 6000C. Newer versions are also available with added corrosion resistant benefits where heat resistance is required along with resistance to weather and moisture.

Zinc Anode - Inorganic Zinc Silicate Coatings

When protection of steel structures in coastal installations is a question there is one most preferred product second best to hot-dip galvanizing, a sacrificial spray applied liquid coating to achieve 75 microns in a single coat to offer galvanic protection to steel. Widely used and approved by all consultants including the Nuclear Power Segment.

Bergerthane - The Polyurethane Range

With tough film forming property, Polyurethanes are ideally applied over epoxy primers and topcoats for excellent protection to ultra-violet radiation and weathering. The range includes products for application in long term protection like windmill towers and in tough conditions like the exterior of rail coaches that cross various climate zones.

The latest addition to the range is Acrylic Polysiloxane coating an isocyanate free exterior top coat for steel structures applied over epoxy primers and as used in bridges, metro rail complex, and stadiums for long term colour and gloss retention properties. The product has undergone aggressive test exposures of 1000Hrs in QUV tests and successfully stays back with 80% gloss retention which is unsurpassed with any normal polyurethane coatings.

Aqugreen Coatings

With an ever growing concern for a greener environment, products based with water as a solvent; with the tough film forming two pack Epoxy as primer are top coated with single pack Polyurethane finish offering excellent cleanability as required in pharmaceutical plants. These eco-friendly paints have no odour and are the ideal choice for concrete and masonry walls with its added antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Anticarb Range

It comprises anti-carbonation range of coatings that shall prevent entry of CO2 & CO gases and protect the structure from failures due to carbonation effects. The products have been developed in water based as well as in solvent based; special products with silane-siloxane in primers are available to prevent from moisture vapour transmission and top coated with anti-carbonation coatings for concrete super structures.

Rebar Coatings

The reinforcement rods used inside the concrete beams and roof structures in coastal and industrial locations corrode severely due to carbonation and chloride attacks and the products based on cement polymer composite coating system provide an excellent protection to rebars for long term stability of the structure. These coatings are applied at the fabrication yard itself with a simple dip-applied technique and handled within 30 minutes of application; with excellent corrosion protection and flexibility.

Sigmark - The Signage Marking Products

Hot Melt Road Marking Compound for Roads, Highways, and container yards require lane marking with retro-reflective properties for better visibility at night. Sigmark with drop-on glass beads is an ideal choice for both Bituminous roads and for Concrete roads, and applied at a thickness of 2.5mm as per MOST/ BS specification; they are put in to service within 30 minutes of laying the product on roads. Specific formulations as water based cold applied with drop-on glass beads are available for better visibility, wear resistance, skid resistance and high dirt pick-up resistance matching the AAI specification.