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Life at Berger

At Berger, we believe in an attitude of innovating perpetually. This belief has helped us to constantly challenge our existing paradigms and perform at improved higher levels. And the guiding company values of "Performance, Customer First, Ethical Practices and Valuing People", emerge from this belief. Employees of Berger endeavour to maintain a unique culture of co-operation and camaraderie, fun at workplace and pride in our achievements while working in the organization. There is transparency in our communication and this reflects in shared accountability for our business goals, our aggressiveness in pursuing these goals and our adaptability in finding new and better products and ways to work.

Fun at Work

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Our people always get involved - with their workplace, their community, their neighbours and also each other. The existence of an open environment fosters the exchange of ideas and views across organization facilitating the free flow of information. If you are looking for a company where actions reflect their ethics and whose people live their values, then you should consider a career with Berger. As Berger is a growing organization, our people have an opportunity to grow with us; developing new capabilities to take our business forward.

The BANDHAN PROGRAM works towards gearing up an MT / GETs for future management challenges and build up their learning & motivational level for sustainable growth in the organization.


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At Berger, we understand the importance of benefits and perks, and the role it plays in encouraging our employees and boosting their growth. And they continue to form an essential component of our entire employee's package. Besides this, we are also dedicated to our employees, their health, wellbeing and creating a healthy work-life balance. We also support our employees by giving them the independence to create roles and responsibilities, thus inspiring leadership traits out of each and every one in our workforce.

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