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Why Berger Paints

At Berger Paints, we are an organisation dedicated to our customers and employees. We know that our success depends on the best efforts put by our team of diverse, talented and dedicated employees who take pride in the work they do. Read on to learn about the compelling reasons to work with us:

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Performance & Customers First

The culture of Berger Paints is built on the principle of customer satisfaction, delivering the experience that customers expect. We work towards understanding the needs of our customers and what matters to them the most. We value our customers and strive to make Berger Paints a truly customer-first brand.

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We understand that people come with different backgrounds, beliefs, perspectives, abilities, diversities and experiences. Our strong culture is built on our long-standing values and our commitment towards people, providing customers the support and solutions they need, each day.

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We believe in being honest, fair and ethical. These values lie at the heart of our identity and shape our work culture. We encourage a mind-set which encompasses ethical behaviour and integrity in our workplace.

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Approachable Management

We believe that an organization can succeed only when its people are at ease and can communicate with each other without any fear. We value our employees for who they are and aim to build positive relationships to foster open communication.

Culture Of Co-Operation And Camaraderie

We believe that a sense of closeness amongst employees can actually enhance the productivity at the workplace. When people work in teams towards a common goal, it brings them together. This is encouraged at Berger Paints and we take pride in acknowledging that our employees have a great sense of camaraderie and cooperation.

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Open Work Culture & Open To New Ideas

Company culture is crucial to employees because they are more likely to enjoy their time in the workplace when they fit in with the culture. At Berger Paints, we believe in a culture that enables every employee to be their best and help focus on removing any difficulties they face. We value feedback from our employees and take important insights from them on how to make the organisation better.

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Good Career Opportunities

If you wish to take your career in a new direction, you can do it right here. Not only do we have our employees’ present career in mind, we also take care of their future career goals and help them climb the corporate ladder.

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Great Learning Opportunity

We offer our employees constant opportunities to develop skills and build a successful career. We strive to develop meaningful learning opportunities by anticipating the skills and resources that we will need to take care of the needs of the future. At Berger Paints, we want you to reach your highest level of potential just the way you help us reach ours.

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Open To Change & Innovation

Our innovative thinking is the catalyst that drives new products and services. Our work is shaped by the driven, compassionate and innovative people who are inspired by our mission to help people live beautiful lives.

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Lot Of Freedom in Operation

In Berger Paints, you can enjoy an environment where ideas are free to find its way. Employees are offered support and inspired to grow. We allow our employees to define their own work as much as possible.

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Humanitarian Touch & Encouragement

Understanding and kindness prevails in our workplace in unfortunate times. We also understand the power of encouragement and how it can reinforce the right things and help people in difficult times. Words of encouragement and kind gestures builds employee loyalty as well.

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