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  • Preview Facility – Upload the photographs on our for Preview options directly to your doorsteps. Alternatively SMS – Paint to 56767 for getting the preview. Our call centre will call you & arrange for the photograph to get colour combination options.
  • Facilitating Product / Shade consultancy at the Project Blueprint stage itself.
  • Ensuring Shade matching & Shade / Product development with customized approach.
  • Support on Site Audit & Inspection based on approved and pre - agreed parameters and intervals.
  • Catering to green requirement of customers by evolving appropriate products that would help the customers to get appropriate LEED rating.
  • Innovative packaging in unconventional bulk packs (25Lit, 50Kg, 30Kg etc.) to facilitate bulk buyers.
  • Project Coordination and supervising & coordination at multiple locations is enabled through our All India network.
  • Facilitating direct access to customer queries & even catalogue ordering by net.
  • Ensure consultancy on painting services – suggesting a panel of qualified applicators, who are acquainted with new innovations in products and innovative tools like spray machines which will cut down cost of painting all the while optimizing the delivery time.
  • Collaborating with specific institutions of Architects / Engineers (Like CPWD, PWD,) & other private entities to organize workshops, etc for elucidating the innovations in paints & painting services alongside with making them understand about trouble shooting in supervising the painting works under their domain.
  • Identify new innovations in Paint Application and make them available to Contractors through workshops & contractor meets.
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