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Paint Calculator is designed to get you a step ahead when it comes to finding the best paint for your home. It goes beyond calculating the painting cost and gives you an estimate of the required amount of paint depending on the area to be painted. Paint Calculator aims at reducing all the headache that comes with home painting and selecting the right paint for your walls.

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*Kindly note : Estimates displayed are indicative and not conclusive. Price includes the cost of materials + taxes (as applicable). Labour cost is extra and based on the skill and experience
it may vary from city-to-city and is not included. Please contact us at 1800 103 6030 (on weekdays only) or SMS BERGER to 56767 for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Measure the width and length of your trim. Multiply those numbers together to get the square footage of trim that you'll be painting. Divide that number by 400 ( one Litre is adequate to paint 400 sq ft.) to get the number of Litres of paint you'll need for one coat. It's likely a little less than a Litre will cover everything on your walls, so consider buying trim paint in a quart or two instead of a Litre or two.You can use our paint calculator to find out the paint estimate you'll need.

One Litre of paint is sufficient for covering up to 300 square feet, which is the equivalent of a half-bathroom. A larger area can be painted with two Litres of paint; this may be enough to cover an entire wall in a small room like the bathroom, or even an entire room if you are painting vertically.

If you’re painting walls, you can use your room measurements to calculate how much paint you’ll need with a house painting cost calculator. Multiply the length by the width of the wall to get the square footage. Then subtract a few feet for doors and windows, and divide that number by 400 to get Litres of paint.

To find the area of any room, you must first determine the length, width and height of each wall. Next, multiply the identified lengths and widths together to get your room's square footage. Add this number to all of your other measurements for a complete picture of your living space.

Calculate the required home painting cost for the walls of your home with Berger Paint Cost Calculator. It will help you know the different painting cost per square foot and choose the best paint scheme from the available options including painter cost.

To calculate the home paint price, you have to consider all the influencing factors, namely size, wall height, geographic location and more. In order to paint a living room of a certain size in a particular place, it’s important to figure out what type of paint you need first.

The colour and the choice will depend on the purpose for which the room is being used i.e. for home use or for commercial purposes like designing an office space. Then comes the cost of primers and other related costs like labour charge, painting material cost and so on.