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Seasonal Paint Colours

Every season is defined by its own set of colours and each colour has the power to transform spaces and spice up surroundings. It's almost magical what a colour can do to the look and mood of a room. How it adds a touch of style and elegance to interiors. So, if you are planning to paint your home in the colours that best capture your favourite season, read on.

  • Summer

    The hot sun, cool breeze and the comfort under a shady tree – that's summer. The fresh spring landscape melts in the summer sun and the bright green grass gets softer tones. It's the very same hues which find their way into the summer pallet packed with cool colours.

    Pastel shades and whites contrasted with a dark wall give a calm yet fresh crisp look to interiors. The warm and inviting colours of summer make rooms look spacious and elegant. When combined with traditional decorations, antiques and fine china, they lend rooms a touch of formality and an air of elegance.

  • Winter

    You will probably want to keep the winter chill out so add a dash of warm colours to your rooms. If you pick a red it will lend energy and passion to them. Red and neutrals, such as tans and browns, will make rooms warmer.

    An orange will enliven spaces and if used with another colour it will give the décor some punch. Yellows will radiate warmth and keep you perked up while pale yellows joined with blues and reds will make living spaces more stylish.

    Purple is yet another versatile warm colour. Easily paired with complementary colours like yellow, orange and softer greens it can be used interestingly. Purple with a greater ting of red makes spaces vivacious and exciting while purple with a greater amount of blue casts an air of relaxation and reflection.

  • Spring

    Nature bursts into life and the air seems to bubble with energy. The spring palette is vibrant, warm, light and clear. A whole host of colours come to mind when you think of spring. Sky blue, leaf green, fresh lilac and clear grey, scarlet, coral, watermelon, peach, sunshine yellow, turquoise, cobalt blue, violet and most of all, green.

    Both a warm and a cool colour, green is a blend of balance and harmony. Green used along with blue reminds you of the serenity in nature while green used in combination with yellow and black or yellow and white creates the perfect sporty, outdoorsy feel.

  • Autumn

    The green leaves turn into vivid hues of orange and rust with the onset of autumn. The colours of the season are fiery, warm and intense like burnt orange, olive green, poppy, flame, vermilion, teal blue, peacock, and burgundy while neutrals include warm browns - from stone through chocolate.

    Yellow gives warmth to much of the autumn palette, made up of a mix of bright spicy vibrant colours and warm rich mellow hues. The autumn palette is characterised by hot oranges, fiery reds, ochres and muted olives.

    Used in a sitting room this palette creates a rich and lively atmosphere. Autumn homes are less formal and more comforting.

Colour Theory For Exteriors

Exterior walls reflect the personality of the homemaker to the world. The right exterior colour makes a home fit snugly with nature, or enables it to stand out dramatically.

So, be it the serenity of the mountains or the mystery of the forests, the calm expanse of fertile plains or the youthfulness of the sea - every unique quality of nature may be reflected through the strokes of a paintbrush.

Berger's range of exterior wall paints have captured the essence of the elements to create a harmony that has an everlasting effect.

Colour Theory For Interiors

Colours can affect you, your home and your work environment. Emotions and moods swings could be the effect of the colour that surrounds you. You could lose your temper faster because you are surrounded by red walls. Or keep your calm longer all because of blue walls. It's surprising what colours can do so pick your colour carefully. We will help you reach the colour best for you.
A word of caution here – not every colour meets with everyone's approval so you could consider a quick dipstick before you pick a colour.

What is it that you are looking for, for your interiors? Something cozy and warm or something that whets your appetite and makes you feel grand? Something which invokes luxury or makes you feel powerful?

Red. That's the colour which you should pick if it's any of the above you are looking for. Be it a bedroom a living room, a restaurant or a corporate dining facility, the bold colour has more personal associations than any other.

For those prone to mood swings, red is a strict no no.

Feeling blue? Well, the colour blue on your walls could change your mood. Good for your health, blue has healing properties like the ability to lower blood pressure and slow down respiration.

You can create a conservative office environment with a dash of blue. Recreate the serenity and calm of the oceans in any room you please. The colour blue captures the airy blue skies – one of the few things that is constant in our lives. And if its serenity holds no charm for you, try the electric or brilliant blues for a more dynamic and dramatic look which make spaces more exhilarating.

If you love the trees and the green meadows, paint your walls green. Capture the tranquility of nature. A symbol of fertility, success and harmony green doubles up as a warm and a cool colour. Refreshing and soothing to the eye, green works as an ideal backdrop in interior design because we are so used to seeing it everywhere.

The natural greens, from forest to lime, are seen as tranquil and stimulating, with a natural balance of cool and warm (blue and yellow) undertones.

Feel the sunshine. The warmth and the joy as you go humming through your rooms feeling like you are on top of the world.

Sometimes it's just a wee bit of yellow you need to raise your spirits and rediscover the bubbly you. A golden yellow to light up a much ignored closet space. A paler hue to add a bit of calm. A soft yellow to brighten a kid's room. With yellow you can infuse surroundings with optimism and energy.

Better check with those around you before you paint your rooms orange. It is the one colour which is either absolutely adored or hated passionately!

This close relative of red adds fun and flamboyance, warmth and energy to every situation. A colour that connotes 'get what you pay' philosophy can make or mar a business. Some of the tones of orange such as terra cotta, peach or rust have very broad appeal..

Want to give your rooms a delicate, sophisticated look? Or a colour which boosts your child's creativity and aids concentration?

Purple is what you are looking for. Contrast it with a warm grey and you have a great at combination for the home office.

Deep or bright purples add richness while lighter purples give rooms a more romantic and delicate air. Because purple is derived from the mixing of a strong warm and strong cool colour it has both warm and cool properties.