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Berger paint colours have very low levels of VOCs and dries quickly (volatile organic compounds). Use Berger's paint selector or paint colour selector for a better understanding. According to studies done by the World Health Organization, the air inside of homes makes people more prone to diseases. Therefore, Berger Silk paint colours are free from Sulphur oxides and nitrogen oxides (two of the most dangerous air pollutants).

To put it simply, paint colours that have a sheen, reflect light. Whereas paints that lack a sheen, absorb light. Two major categories can be used to classify different forms of paint colours. There is no shine to flat or matte paints because they absorb more light than they reflect. Paints with a glossy or semi-gloss finish reflect light and have a sparkling, brilliant appearance. Also paints are different for interior and exterior as well.

Bring the paint sample to a paint store or a home centre. The majority of locations feature a colour-matching scanner that can accurately mimic the paint colours. You can also use virtual painter to identify or try out any colour on your walls virtually.

Oil-based paint colours and water-based paint colours are the two categories into which paints fall. Typically, three coats of oil paint are used: an undercoat, a primer, and a final coat. Due to their duration and durability on surfaces, oil paints were previously used extensively, although water-based paints have now caught up.

The walls receive the best-in-class coverage, whiteness, smoothness, and finish from Rangoli Total Care Paint Products.

  • The delicate extenders of these Paint Products aid in giving the walls a smooth, butter-like texture.
  • Prevents wall blackening, especially in coastal areas.
  • Validates our efforts to work toward a future that is cleaner and more sustainable.


Abrasion resistance is a feature of interior paint formulation. It is made to be more sensitive than exterior paint because it shares space with people. This paint can be cleaned and is stain-resistant. It has no fading resistance because it is not exposed to sunshine.


The weather this type of paint is subjected to varies. It must therefore offer defence against moisture brought on by rain and snow as well as UV radiation brought on by sunlight. It must also offer protection against microbial development. These coatings are designed to fight mildew and fading.

Metal Finishes

These finishes typically consist of a primer, a layer of paint with metal flakes in it (commonly aluminium), and a clear PVDF topcoat that guards against ultraviolet light and oxidation of the metal particles in the coating.

Wood Finishes

Wood paint finishes come in latex and oil-based varieties. Latex paint is ideal for furniture and interior wooden surfaces because it provides a better level of protection than oil paint finish. For optimal results, prime the hardwood surface before applying any wood paint treatments.

Glass Finishes

Glass coatings are available in clear and opaque varieties. Matt and Gloss are part of Clear. Clear Matt Finishes will give your glass a frosted appearance. It is necessary to tint clear gloss using specific dyes.


Following a primer, an undercoat is applied. It fills in any minor flaws to provide a surface that is even in colour and smooth, ready for the topcoat to be applied. A surface can be made lighter by using an undercoat when going from a dark to a light colour.

Exterior Textures

Exterior Texture is essentially a form of wall art created using various paint products. It is simple to reach out and touch.

Do It Yourself

DIY Paint is an all-natural, non-toxic paint that is based on clay and chalk. The secret element in clay is what allows it to produce a wide range of textures, from smooth to chippy.