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Training & Development

At Berger, we value our people and understand their needs for personal growth and career. Providing people with appropriate environment and resources for growth, learning and confidence is our priority. A career at Berger offers a chance to touch someone's life. There are extensive training and development programs to enhance and update the skills and knowledge of its human resources. Our commitment to training and development is a core value. We believe in polishing the skills and knowledge of an individual.

It is the Company's policy to provide appropriate learning opportunities to assist employees in gaining job- related skills and knowledge that will contribute to improved performance and career development.

Thus there are two program designed for
the employees' training & development in Berger:



Related Programs

This Program is directly related to work assignments of the employee's current position / Job. An employee's immediate superior takes the lead by identifying developmental objectives along with corresponding action plans. This is, generally, done in conjunction with the performance / progress review process.

One of the most recognized job related training program in Berger is the Management Trainee / Graduate Engineer Trainee Program for fresh talent from Premier B – School / Engineering Institutions named BANDHAN PROGRAM to orient & induct student's fresh out of college into the Berger organization, culture, values, systems & challenges.

The trainees embark on various learning stints in different roles & functions, before getting placed in the domain of his specialization. The program in on-the – job learning & execution and proper reviews are conducted at various local as well as corporate levels.

The BANDHAN PROGRAM works towards gearing up an MT / GETs for future management challenges and build up their learning & motivational level for sustainable growth in the organization.

Related Programs


Related Programs

These Programs are related to development of skills, knowledge, and other competencies / qualifications that prepare an employee for higher positions within the Company.

In this case the employee takes the lead by self-assessing skills, values, career, interests and choices in consultation with his / her immediate superior and attends various training programs which are organized in-house and other external trainings such as MDPs & Skill development programs in various functional domains in institutions of repute either within India or abroad.

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