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Investor Services

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Deputy Company Secretary(Nodal Officer)

Mr. Rajib De
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Registrars and Share Transfer Agent

M/s C B Management Services (P) Limited

(Attention.: Mr. Goutam Das)
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Unclaimed Dividend

Unclaimed dividend for the years prior to and including the financial year 2009-2010 has been transferred to the General Revenue Account of the Central Government / the Investor Education and Protection Fund established by the Central Government (IEPF), as applicable.

The dividend for the undernoted years, if has remained unclaimed for 7 years, will be transferred by the Company to IEPF in accordance with the schedule given below. Communication has already been sent by the Company to the concerned shareholders advising them to lodge their claims with respect to unclaimed dividend.

Once unclaimed dividend is transferred to IEPF, no claim shall lie with the Company in respect thereof. We are requesting all shareholders whose dividends are unpaid as under to immediately come forward and claim them from the Company.

AS ON 04.08.2017(RS.)
2016 FINAL 33105191746 03.08.2016 08.09.2016 08.09.2023 9933222.00
2016 INTERIM 33105184561 04.02.2016 12.03.2016 12.03.2023 46,90,833.55
2015 FINAL 33105184537 03.08.2015 04.09.2015 04.09.2022 44,61,078.70
2015 INTERIM 33105184413 30.01.2015 05.03.2015 05.03.2022 44,74,509.00
2014 FINAL 33105184332 01.08.2014 04.09.2014 04.09.2021 77,08,355.60
2013 FINAL 33105176313 02.08.2013 04.09.2013 03.09.2020 60,98,495.40
2012 FINAL 142220002378 02.08.2012 04.09.2012 04.09.2019 47,03,729.80
2011 FINAL 142220002090 02.08.2011 04.09.2011 04.09.2018 28,88,157.60
2011 INTERIM 33105155634 03.03.2011 08.04.2011 08.04.2018 18,54,353.50
2010 FINAL 33105146317 30.07.2010 02.09.2010 02.09.2017 36,52,620.40

Click here for the schedule

Closure of Register of Members & Share Transfer Books

Nomination Form

Transfer of Shares pursuant to Section 124(6) of the Companies Act to the Investor Education and Protection Fund

In terms of Section 124 of the Companies Act, 2013, recently notified by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India (MCA), Ordinary Shares of the Company, in respect of which dividend entitlements have remained unclaimed or unpaid for seven consecutive years or more, are required to be transferred by the Company to the Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF) of the Government of India.

Unclaimed or unpaid dividend for F.Y 2008-09 (Final) & 2009_2010 (Final) have been transferred by the Company to the IEPF within the statutory time period.

In terms of the IEPF Authority (Accounting, Audit, Transfer and Refund) Rules, 2016, all formalities have been complied with by the Company.

Finally, the Company has transferred the shares in line with the above Rule / Notification dated 13th October, 2017 & 16th October, 2017 issued by MCA.

The concerned Members may click here for details of the shares transferred to the IEPF.

IEPF Refund

Any person, whose unclaimed or unpaid amount has been transferred by the company to IEPF may claim their refunds to the IEPF authority. For claiming such amount, claimant needs to file form IEPF-5 along with requisite documents. Kindly download the form IEPF-5 and follow the instructions as provided in the link given below :