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7th Sense of Colours

Home Decor Trends

Be it fashion or environmentalism, economic and social trends have a direct effect on home décor and colour trends. Wondering if the adverse effect on the economy impacted the style and elegance of homes? Well, it did.

There is no denying the role played by it in creating the 2014 home décor trends. Take a look at the top 5 simply magical trends.

Colours from the Past
Colours from
the Past

The colours reflect people's yearning for the good old days. Hues such as earthy browns, steel grays, royal greens and smoky blues will reappear in both paint and fabric. Varying tones of gray and white will be the neutrals which will reign in 2010. While grays paired with warm, buttery yellow or deep taupe to will add a bit of life to the whole effect.

And for all those who have a fetish for daring art styles from the past, here's a secret. Couple the art styles with vibrant yet subdued colours such as amber gold, tomato red and ocean blue.

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Green Revolution

Whether it is the economy or heightened consciences, there will be a renewed interest in recycled furniture and accessories. Reusing, repainting and refinishing items will be people's small way of doing their bit to protect the earth as they go green.

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The Iron Effect
The Iron

The versatility of wrought iron will be discovered. One of the most adaptable pieces of furnishings, you can create warmth and add charm to your home décor with even a solitary piece of furniture in wrought iron. The beauty of it is that it blends seamlessly into a wide variety of home décor styles.

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Tracking Time

Wall clocks - the long forgotten accessory will come to the forefront and add a functional touch to rooms. You could try using a chic oversized clock to create a focal point. Or you could group clocks together to give a room a unique and eclectic look. This arrangement works particularly with large rooms with high ceilings.

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Timeless Treasures

Every home has something beautiful hidden away, locked away in some remote cupboard or chest. 2010 will see some of these things taking center stage in living rooms. For starters, you could try giving rooms a new attractive look by bringing out colourful plates from your cupboard and placing them in a simple open rack.

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