We Pick The Perfect Home Improvement Project For You With Berger iPaint Range

white and brown living room decor and walls

From painting the walls to fixing old furniture, being handy around the house can be a real blessing. If you are ready to tackle a new home project, we have a quick (<2 mins) quiz to find you the ultimate DIY kit from Berger iPaint Range.

What is the condition of your home walls?
  • A) They look good
  • B) They could do with a fresh coat of paint
  • C) They need fixing, ASAP!
How often do you feel the need to redo your home?
  • A) Every month
  • B) Once in 6 months
  • C) Once a year
If you have recently made any changes to your home, what did you redecorate?
  • A) Added a splash of colour to the walls
  • B) Added a new rug or cushions
  • C) Changed existing furniture
According to you, what makes a house, a home?
  • A) A cosy bed
  • B) A comfy couch
  • C) A well-stocked fridge
What is your favourite hobby?
  • A) Drawing
  • B) Photography
  • C) Cooking
How creative are you?
  • A) Very
  • B) Kinda
  • C) Not at all!
What is your favourite place in the house?
  • A) Living room
  • B) Bedroom
  • C) Kitchen
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