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Virtual Painter

House painting designs and colours - Virtual Painter

We understand that deciding home painting colours can be a tricky affair when there are infinite colour options to choose from. But worry not! Home colour selection is made easy for you with Berger’s Virtual Painter. Get inspired and try this online paint tool today!

Visualize different designs and colours for your home

With so many options, it can be challenging to visualize how a specific home painting colour would seem on your walls or property. Before picking up a colour to do your house painting and brainstorming the designs, use Berger Paints’ online room Visualiser to preview how paint colours will appear.

We have made it possible for everyone looking for the ideal colour to test paint colours and palettes without going to a paint store or picking up a brush. Our new virtual room painter tool uses proprietary technology to give a realistic colour preview including paint colours for bedrooms and paint colours for living room.


This web tool is not available on mobile devices. Please access this from a desktop to use Berger's Virtual Painter web tool.


Visit Follow simple steps to see your room with virtual colour

  • First Choose between interior paint or exterior paint for your home
  • After that choose your preferred room or portion that you want to paint
  • Then apply the colour one by one and find your perfect room colour
  • To conclude you can save/print the image or consult with our experts

Before you start painting your walls, do it virtually! With the aid of this tool, you may imagine how the interior or exterior of a room or house might appear when painted in a specific shade or a combination of home painting colours. You could consult with us for the final check based on it.

Yes, It’s absolutely free with no hidden costs. Utilize the Berger Virtual Painter to see the painting of your home in various colours. Utilize online wall painting tools and paint Visualizer to digitally paint colours.

The first digital tool of its kind, our paint Visualiser offers a number of enhanced features including:

  • One-stop shop for home colour selection - Choosing and testing paint colours are no longer necessary through a different app. On a computer or mobile device, the utility is readily accessible from our website.
  • Realistic visualization – When applying a virtual colour for your home painting, the tool's cutting-edge technology accurately visualizes colours by accounting for room variables like lighting. We have paint colours for bedrooms, kitchen, hall and many more