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Silk Breathe Easy Emulsion

A high-end interior emulsion paint called Silk Breathe Easy is intended to give a rich appearance to walls. It eliminates microorganisms and considerably reduces pollutants. It is made with 100% acrylic emulsions and bright colours, it is also minimal in volatile organic compounds, and has strong formaldehyde reduction capabilities.

A healthy mind maintains a healthy body. The choice you make or get inspired when choosing paint for your walls will affect your family's health. According to studies by the World Health Organization, the air inside your home makes you more prone to diseases. Sulphur and nitrogen oxides, two of the most dangerous air pollutants, are significantly reduced indoors by Berger Silk Breathe Easy. It has also received the Singapore Green label's certification as an eco-friendly paint for home painting. Reputable associations have confidence in our high-end emulsion paint. Indian Medical Association has validated Silk Breathe Easy's anti-bacterial properties.

Why should you use Silk Breathe Easy Emulsion?
High-end interior emulsion paint for providing walls with a premium and rich appearance is called Silk Breathe Easy Emulsion. It is mutated with bright colours, 100% acrylic emulsions, and bio-resistant ingredients to stop the formation of fungus and algae. The paint's longer-lasting glossy finish and low VOC and odour levels allow for immediate occupancy of the space after application.

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The product has been developed to provide slow-drying characteristics so that the designs made out of it get ample open time for creation.

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