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Silk Breathe Easy

Ghar ka Sanitiser
The paint for healthy homes

Give fresh lungs to your walls.
Silk Breathe Easy Emulsion is a luxury interior paint designed to give walls a rich appearance. It significantly reduces pollution and kills bacteria.
It has been formulated with 100% acrylic emulsions and vibrant pigments. The Berger Silk Breathe Easy has low VOC and comes packed with formaldehyde reduction abilities.

A healthy mind stays in a healthy body. The health of your family lies in the decision which you make while selecting the paint for your walls.
Our luxury emulsion paint has won the confidence of prestigious associations. Moreover, the premium emulsion paint has been approved by the Indian Medical Association. Create a safe and vibrant living space with Silk Breathe Easy paint as it reduces the harmful effects of pollution. Studies carried out by the World Health Organisation indicate that the air inside the homes is equally susceptible to infections. We have used the Carbon Zinc technology to make our paint without any lead, mercury and chromium. Keeping in mind the safety of your family members, Berger Silk Breathe Easy paint considerably reduces the risk of infections. The paint is Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Pollution and Environment Friendly. The Anti-pollution property helps to protect your immunity.

Boost the health of the walls in your homes with our paint which has been thoroughly tested by global testing laboratories. Silk Breathe Easy can reduce Sulphur Oxides and Nitrogen Oxides. This has been tested and certified by Equinox Labs.
Our premium emulsion paint is certified by Singapore Green label for being an Environment-Friendly paint.

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Indian Medical Association

Approved by Indian Medical Association as an anti-bacterial paint.

Air Sampling - NO2

Certification by Equinox Labs for reduction of Nitrogen and Sulphur dioxides.

PSB Singapore

Complies with the Singapore Green Labelling Scheme.

Singapore Environment Council

Certified by Singapore Environmental Council as an Environmentally-preferred paint.

Biotech Testing Services

Certified by Biotech Testing Services for bacteria reduction.

Breathe Easy Shanghai

Certified by the Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Technical & Equipment company for Formaldehyde reduction abilities.

Ross Lifesciences

Certified by the Ross Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd to reduce 99% bacterial growth.


The product has been developed to provide slow-drying characteristics so that the designs made out of it get ample open time for creation.

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