Boho Décor Ideas For Your Home! For November 2022

Green colour living room

Light Green Living Room

Bohemian-inspired wall colour palette

When it comes to paint colours, this can mean anything from calming neutrals to pastel paint colours. Generally, with boho interiors, you will see earthy neutrals painted on the walls. A wall DIY project can give you complete control over choosing your favourite pattern and paint colours for your walls.

Colour your home Bohemian with splashes of whites, browns and tans mixed with greens, blues, greens, oranges, yellows, reds and purples that fit well in the boho scheme and tantalise your senses.

You can use DIY paints if you like indulging in home improvement on your own without the help of professionals. Berger iPaint Self Painting Kit is a user-friendly kit with the right set of tools to help you paint your walls all by yourself. This kit is perfect for painting any water-based emulsion on your interior home walls.

Bohemian-inspired décor

This décor is all about zen interior design, being free from rules, rejecting traditional notions and embracing the eclectic. Think eccentric patterns, whimsical designs and quirky statement décor accessories. As it endorses a free-thinking approach, a bohemian aesthetic can help you channel your free spirit.

You can easily bring in the gypset style into your home. By repurposing vintage items, you can not only add character but also make your home more sustainable. You can display natural elements like plants, succulents and ferns to the space for a natural vibe. Depending on the size of your living space, you can go for a lowered seating plan for the room.

You can incorporate a plethora of colourful and decorative lights such as lamps to highlight different areas in the room. To create a cosy and relaxed ambience, you can opt for layered rugs, macramé hangings, colourful table cloths and tapestries, rattan furnishings, embroidered throws, accent pillows, weave baskets, crate shelves and oriental tiles throughout the space as these décor pieces truly exemplify the Bohemian spirit.

You can also draw inspiration by mixing pieces with traditional style alongside finds from your travels.

To conclude, the beauty of a Bohemian décor is that it celebrates self-expression, inspiration, passion and personal flair. When you choose to take the Boho approach while decorating your home, the best part is that you need not settle for one style, you can indulge your love of several!


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