Painting is one of the least expensive ways to give a room a stunning makeover. We’ll show you some cool tricks and techniques that painting pros use to give your room a quick rehaul.

All you need are some basic tools for easy wall painting to get great results. Get ready to be mind blown!

#1 iPaint stencil

To ace this project, all you have to do is affix the chosen stencil on the spot with the help of a masking tape and apply the paint over it with a foam roller. Available as a set of three, you can take your pick from our carefully curated set of designs such as Flora, Birdie, Moony, Feathers, Diya and Bells. The best part is that no professional help is required. You can do this task all by yourself despite being an amateur! There is an instruction booklet with a step-by-step guide on how to successfully execute it.

#2 Sponge effect

Add an expensive textural look to your favourite walls with this lovely effect. What makes this one of the easiest DIY look to recreate is that you don’t have to stress about getting it wrong. If you do make a mistake, you can simply sponge over the erroneous spot to camouflage it and it’s like you never made an error!

#3 Brick wall effect

For this idea, you need a rectangular-shaped sponge and your chosen paint. Dip the sponge in a wall paint, preferably brick-red or brown, and press the sponge horizontally on a neutral-toned wall, spacing it out well and voila – you have your very own brick wall! You can also go for a weathered effect with a faded look as seen in the picture. This look is perfect for a lounge room, music room or a bachelor’s pad.

#4 Geometric pattern

Add a geometric touch to your walls with this pattern. All you need is a masking tape, your favourite wall paint colours and a paint brush. Stick the masking tape to the wall in the desired geometric pattern and paint on it. Once the paint dries, remove the masking tape. There you have it – a wonderful play with geometry!

#5 Roll-on effect

For this intriguing effect, take a rolling pin from your kitchen. Put a sponge around the entire rolling pin and tie about six-seven rubber bands around it, spacing it out well. Dip the rolling pin in a tray of your desired wall paint. Roll the pin across the wall either horizontally or vertically for a beautiful pattern on your chosen wall. You can try this effect on a dark wall using a light paint for a contrast or vice-versa.

#6 Tropical jungle paradise

To achieve this look, you need to take a stroll in your nearby park or garden. Search for fresh leaves that have beautiful and distinct shapes. Once you have gathered all the leaves for this project, cut out the big leaves into smaller, manageable pieces. With the help of a paint roller, paint on the leaves and gently press the painted side of the leaf against the wall you want to spruce up.  You will get the effect as seen in the picture.

#7 Multi-coloured effect

pastel colour home

When choosing the type of paint for this technique, you also have a choice between a wide range of colours. Of course, you don’t have to only chose one colour. You can mix and match multiple ones and create all sorts of interesting designs, as seen in the picture. Get your creativity flowing!

#8 Polka dots

Polka dots are the epitome of cuteness. You can create a statement polka dotted wall in no time using a kitchen sponge! It is easy to make and you will surely have fun with this painting hack! Using a utility knife or scissors, cut out the sponge in a circular shape. Make as many circular sponges you will use for different-coloured polka dots. If you are experimental, you can even try this on the entire ceiling and achieve a stylish look. This is perfect for a nursery or a kids room.

#9 Stripe effect

For a timeless and stylish effect, you can try the striped wall effect. It will also make any room appear taller, perfect for a small room.

You need a small paint brush, masking tape, roller and your chosen paint. Apply a coat of background paint to your wall once you are done with the priming. Allow it to dry for at least 48 hours. Measure the width of the wall for vertical stripes. Divide the measurement by the number of stripes you want in order to determine the width of each. With the help of a measuring tape and pencil, mark the position of your stripes. Cover wall with masking tape evenly over the pencil line. Paint the stripes on the wall and over the edge of the tape. Pull the tape off carefully and there you have it – a clean, striped look!

#10 Two-toned effect

You can create a wonderful visual interest by using two colours on one single wall. Create a border or dividing line between the two wall sections so you know where you want the two colours to meet on your wall.  With your measuring tape and pencil, mark the level at regular intervals across the wall. Using your roller, paint the lighter colour on the half of the wall you want it to cover, and paint slightly over the point where you want the dividing line to be. Allow the paint to dry. Lastly, using your roller, paint the darker colour on the second half of the wall. You need not opt for the same colour in varying shade.

You can also use different colour combinations for a striking contrast. For inspiration on combinations, check out this blog:

There you go! These were some easy paintings for your wall. If you are itching to paint the walls of your home and give it a fun makeover, we hope this article has inspired you enough! We can’t wait to see your DIY projects, so don’t forget to tag us on our Instagram handle – @bergerpaintsindia

Happy DIYing!

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