hall colour combination

If you are willing to do anything to add a bit of joy to your abode, you are on the right track. We have some suggestions on how to use two colour combination in order to create a trendy and unique room.

It is evident that colour has the ultimate power to transform a room, whether it is vibrantly coloured walls, a bold accent wall or an unexpected painted ceiling. However, it is tricky to find the right paint colour and more importantly, the right colour combination!

Grab your favourite cup of java, your comfy chair and start scrolling. You will be glad you did!

Yellow and orange

This is a vibrant colour combination for your living space. Yellow makes a great companion for orange and can work well in any home interior regardless of the style. Pair it to see how refreshing the colour combination is! This duo can instantly lift your mood and spread joy all around.

Blue and maroon

A vivid blue and a deep shade of maroon can transform any room in a jiffy and serve as a striking backdrop for your video calls with friends, family and colleagues. Try this combination to see the wonderful chemistry it shares when put together!

Violet and beige

This combination is visually exciting and paints a pretty picture. It is a really impressive scheme when used in combination, making the dullest areas of the home into talking points.

Beige is elegance personified while violet in combination with beige is sure to create a lasting impression. If you wish to create an artsy living space, this is the combination for you.

Light brown and dark green

We tend to feel calm and collected while sitting in a park engulfed by greenery, don’t we?

A combination of green with brown for your favourite walls is the perfect formula to bring in the outdoors. Green works perfectly as an accent wall, and teamed with brown is all you need to bring in the warmth.

This combination is bound to lend a natural ambience to your home. Look at the picture for proof that it is Instagram-worthy as well!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to sprucing up your home using these interesting colour combinations.

We hope these ideas have inspired you to take up this home improvement project. Think of your walls as blank canvases and get ready to Paint Your Imagination!

We, at Berger Paints India, can help you create a cohesive room with two paint colours. Our team is specialised to undertake such projects to give your entire home a memorable makeover.

With our leading painting service, Berger Express Painting, you can be assured of quality painting with excellent workmanship and promise of safety since our professionals adhere to social distancing norms and use only disinfected tools.

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