Find out who you should spend Valentine’s Day with!

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Love is in the air but for who exactly? Take this quick quiz and find out!

Pick a date
  • A) Karaoke
  • B) Romantic dinner
  • C) Cooking classes
Pick some flowers
  • A) Sunflowers
  • B) Roses
  • C) Carnation
Pick your choice of chocolate
  • A) Dark chocolate
  • B) Milk chocolate
  • C) White chocolate
Pick a gift to receive
  • A) The latest gadget
  • B) Jewellery
  • C) Clothing
Pick a gift to give
  • A) Gift cards
  • B) Care package
  • C) Cookbook
Pick a location
  • A) Barcelona
  • B) Paris
  • C) Bali
Pick some decorations
  • A) Fairy lights
  • B) Rose petals
  • C) Heart shaped confetti
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