Your Guide To Choosing the Right Colours for Your Home For February 2021

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Choosing the perfect wall paint colour can feel like the hardest part of a home makeover. Worry not, we are here to help you with it!

Stick to your favourites

You can never go wrong when the colour is your favourite. If you want to be experimental, look around. Inspiration is personal to each of us in our homes and it can come from anywhere when you are choosing a paint colour for your home.

Open your closet – who knows you may find some colour inspiration right there! You could get inspired even through an artwork, wall painting design, an accent rug, a magazine photograph or an outdoor element such as a leaf, a flower or even a pebble you come across on the street.

Make use of furniture and accent pieces as guides

Match your walls with these focal pieces. If you have a lamp or a couch in a bright or a bold colour, it is a good idea to keep it against a neutral-toned wall so that it does not get too overwhelming or gaudy.

Take into account your room size

How do you want your room to feel? Spacious or airy or small and cosy? Go for lighter shade if you wish to make your room feel large, and a darker shade for a small and cosy effect.

Consider the overall colour scheme

It is important to have cohesiveness in your home. The colours should flow as you go from space to space.

Assess the lighting of the space

Colours look different under different types of lighting. Make sure to try out the colours in appropriate lighting before finalising the wall painting colours.

Function and mood of the room

It is necessary to consider the use and ambience of the room before you go ahead with any colour. Decide whether the room will serve the purpose of work or leisure. To pep up the space, use colours like warm yellows and reds. For a more relaxed space, opt for cool blues and greens.

Try colour samples on the walls

One fool-proof way to assess how a colour will look like after the painting is done is by trying out colour samples on the walls and evaluating it at different hours of the day – from morning to night.

If you are still unsure about the colour palette, browse for colour inspirations on Berger’s Visualizer App. Click here to download and test out the colour options. We want you to be able to make all your colour choices with confidence. Hope you find this guide helpful to get started with your painting project.


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