Exterior Paint Colours To Make A Great Impression! For December 2022

Light Orange And Brown Exterior Paint of a Bunglow

Off white Exterior Paint Of Bunglow

Here are some interesting exterior house colors from Berger’s Colour Catalogue that have been lovingly put together just for you by our in-house colour experts - we bet you will be tempted to consider the recommendations for your home too!

Warm Colour Paint Ideas

When it comes to colour, the quintessential appeal of black and white is never out of style. You can choose a classy pair like EBONY COAST (8A1840) and WEDDING GOWN (8P0201) for a timeless look.

If you are looking for house painting colour combinations, why stick to just two colours when you can play with three? Shades of brown, white and beige on your home’s exterior walls can work wonders. Go for COUNTRY HEARTH (8D1727), WEDDING GOWN (8P0201) and BLUSH BEIGE (2P0610) for a wonderful visual impact.

You can take the monochromatic approach with two shades of orange. Our experts recommend APRICOT SERENADE (2D0227) and RISE AND SHINE (2T0708).

Cool Colour Paint Ideas

Make a note of this interesting three-colour palette of SILVER THORNE (8T1724), BARSTON (8T1748) and FABULOUS WHITE (7P0185). The trio can look beautiful all year long!

You can use a light hue of brown as the prime exterior colour and pick the darker hue to highlight some portions of the exterior walls. LOG JAM (8A1728) and BARSTON (8T1748) can work as a fascinating combination.

You can pick hues like beige and peach to create a classic look for your home exteriors. This pair of GINGER PEACH (2T0588) and MOROCCAN SPICE (2D0599) can work like a charm on home exteriors.

Natural Colour Paint Ideas

Yellow is an incredibly easy colour to pair with. You can team it up with a shade of brown. CELESTIAL SUN (3P0238) and BROWNISH (3A0248) can work well as an exterior wall combination, especially for Indian home exteriors.

Pairing brown with orange can be a good idea as it can add a touch of elegance to the exteriors. You can go for the stylish combination of BARSTON (8T1748) and JOYFUL DAY (3T0239) as it has a fresh appeal.

You can team a light grey with a jet black to make a stunning impact. This duo ICED SILVER (8T1715) and EBONY COAST (8A1840) has a dynamic appeal, which is sure to take the glam quotient of your home notches higher.

Hope this article helps you with enough colour ideas and inspires you to commence your home painting project!


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