Office Décor Ideas

Do you work from home? We have found that the secret to working from home productively is by creating a space that actually inspires you to get to work instead of back under the covers. You can create a space that means business, even within the cosy confines of your home.Read on to know all about it.

Picking The Right Colours

Office Wall Colour Ideas

The best colours for a productive home office are light yellow, light green, light gold and cream.
A light yellow palette is believed to promote good health. Light green is known to balance the mind, body and soul and attract positivity. Light gold is considered to be good for productivity as well as profits. A neutral shade like cream is known to aid engagement and bring respect towards your work.

It is advised that you avoid blue and black as home office paint while setting up your home workspace as black is known to attract bad energy and blue is believed to destabilise emotions.

If you are a lover of bright colours, remember to pair them with muted tones so that they are not overly distracting or overwhelming. This way you can be sure that your home office is not a snooze zone. In fact, bright colours work perfectly if your work requires creativity and you want to be inspired and not feel bogged down with work. Bottom-line is that you need to work towards creating an environment that supports both mental focus and physical activity.

Always try to ensure a balanced home office which is not just practical, ergonomic, comfortable but also clean and hygienic. It is important not to overlook the cleanliness aspect of your home office. In fact, it is as important as the aesthetics of the space. Make sure to sanitise your home office at regular intervals. We believe that it is not enough to have a trendy shade on the walls. It is equally important to find the right paint formulation that imparts not just a classy appearance but also keeps your walls healthy. We have the perfect solution for this. Berger’s Silk Breathe Easy is a luxury interior paint that gives the walls a rich appearance while also reducing pollution and killing harmful bacteria.

Proper Ergonomics

Modern Stylish Workplace Image

It is important that you use a simplified ergonomic adjustment when it comes to your seating to prevent stiffness and back pain.Your work chair should be comfortable so that it can support you in your everyday work. It is a must that it lends proper back support.

Look for an ergonomic height adjustable desk as well. Look for one where you can sit when you feel like it and stretch your legs when you need to, by bringing your desk to standing height with a push of a button.Try not to bring too many furniture pieces into your workspace as it can disrupt the chi energy, creating blockage and chaos. Stick with the less is more mantra for a healthy work setup.

Light It Up

Modern Study Desk Bookshelf

Lighting is a biggie. It is often overlooked when setting up a home office. Most work is done on laptops so choose the best lighting to avoid eye strain and fatigue since over time that eye strain can cause headaches, making you less productive.

Set up your home work station where you can receive as much natural light as possible. It can help you feel good and can even boost your productivity. When getting natural light is a problem or next to impossible, invest in the right kinds of lamps. While you may think overhead lighting is the way to go, they can create a glare on your screen or desk, making it difficult for you to see. Search for a lamp with a solid shade that can point the light straight at your desk for when you need it while working.

You can also opt for indirect light like diffusers that soften the light, creating less glare and making it easier on your eyes. Just make sure the light isn’t too diffused, otherwise you may not be able to see what you are doing.

Go Green

Stylish Workplace for Home Computer

If you need to liven things up, you can add indoor plants. Indoor plants breathe life into a space and even improve the indoor air quality.This way you can have easy access to nature to de-stress and energise yourself.

Adding some green foliage can help give the room some texture as well. Make sure there is enough light in the room to keep them as well as yourself lively. In fact, you can never have too many plants. Air purifying plants such as palms, money plant and ferns are ideal for your work station. Put them in pretty pots and planters in different colours to liven up the space.

These were some of our home office ideas to inspire you to design a work-friendly space in your own home. We, at Berger Paints India, hope that they not only inspire you to get your work done, but also let you enjoy your surroundings while doing so. Always remember that your workspace should not only be functional and aesthetically appealing but also reflect your personality and speak to you.

By dedicating a particular area in your home as “work only,” and making use of some basic design principles to make it productive and inspiring, you can make sure you “actually work” when you are working from home. So buckle down and get to work. Also, don’t forget to deep cleanse your work space regularly so that it can bring in some fresh new energy and increase your motivation to work.

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