Living Room Colours

Deciding on the perfect colour for the living room is never an easy task. It takes a long time to decide on a colour that goes well with the ambience of your household and can complement the furniture and appliances in the living room. In addition, the colour should also be able to reflect our preferences and nature.

However, with Vastu, there is an easier, more informed way of choosing the perfect colour for your home that harmonizes all aspects of your being.

Significance of Colours

The significance of colour in the living room is one of the most important topics covered under Vastu that greatly impacts harmony and bliss within the household. According to most architects, the colour scheme in your living room is one of the primary factors that plays a vital role in balancing the cosmic energy in your household, maintaining peaceful relationships with the other residents, and bringing you prosperity. In addition, the colour scheme you choose for your living room is always reflected in your nature and moods. 

Vastu is the traditional Indian science of constructing a property to promote healthy, mindful living. Regarding architecture, Vastu has emphasized direction-based studies for creating design concepts. And when it comes to colours, there are several Vastu principles to apply in your new home.

Contemporary architects have validated the effectiveness of Vastu for ensuring peace and happiness. It is widely used not just across the Indian Subcontinent but in several other countries as well!

As important as colour is, not all the rooms in your house should essentially be of the same colour. If you want to know more about the 10 best colours for your living room, this article is for you.

Suggested Living Room Colours As Per Vastu

Mentioned below are some of the best living room colours to spruce up your home and let harmonizing energies flow through the household:


Undoubtedly, white is one of the most preferred colours for the living room. And there are several reasons behind choosing this calm, soothing colour. So, what does white signify? White is inherently a positive colour, signifying peace, purity and cleanliness. It also stands for elegance and goes well with almost any colour. Most households’ ceilings are painted white to brighten up the space and reflect more light. White is also a commonly used colour for bedrooms because of its association with a peaceful environment.


Pale Pink

two colour combinations for bedroom walls

Pale pink is a popular colour, almost childlike, and symbolizes innocence and joy. It is a common colour to be used in living rooms. Unlike bright red, which signifies intense passion, pale pink is a gentler variation. Pale pink can be paired well with white colour schemes and signify tenderness, romantic love and openness.


According to Vastu, the colour green is a natural colour that is relaxing for the eyes and is one of the most popular colours for the living room. Green is one of the most sought-after colours because of its energy. Green allows us to be soothed after a long work day and heal. It can also have a boosting effect on your relationships and your mental as well as physical health. As a natural colour, green stands for freshness, hope and fertility. Having green as the colour of your bedroom implies creativity and harmony.


Like pale pink, yellow is often a colour symbolic of hope, youthful nature and joy. As a part of nature, yellow is abundant in flowers, leaves, and some animal species. It is a colour that can easily catch your attention, with a feeling of youthful joy, brightness and ambition. According to Vastu, yellow helps create a cheerful ambience when used in the bedroom. The colour stands for wisdom, patience and power and is commonly used for Puja rooms. 

Light Purple

Light purple, in addition to pale pink, is a symbol of romantic energies and virility. Though light purple is a colour that also refers to spirituality and wisdom, it is seldom used in living rooms. It is a colour more frequently used in the kitchen, for it stands for delicacy. Light purple and lavender colours are also used in the bedrooms to create a cozy, soothing ambience.

Sea Green 

Sea green as a colour of the living room has become quite popular in recent times. Sea green has very strong natural connections and can be found almost everywhere as the colour of leaves, grass, and more. Using sea green for your living room can give you a new perspective of your household as the colour represents freshness, luck and innocence. Seas green is a crisp, muted shade that can be used in bedrooms for its association with fertility and relaxation.

Off White

Off-white has been a popular colour for living rooms for ages. It helps foster a peaceful environment in the house as it stands for purity and wisdom. The off-white colour can be conveniently used with other colours as it reflects more light.

Silvery White

Silvery white is a regal colour that signifies the majestic nature of a household. Yet, silvery white is pleasant on the eyes and pairs well with other colours. It is commonly used in households as a sign of prosperity and sophistication.

Solid Light Blue

Solid light blue can come in several shades, be it aquamarine blue or pale icy shades, but the significance of blue remains the same. Blue is the colour of brooding deep. Blue is represented by the wide, open skies and the watery seas surrounding every continent and symbolizes blissful living. It also signifies the healing powers of the sea. 

Blue stands for growth and new beginnings. In addition to the living room, blue is well-suited for meditation rooms and bedrooms. The solid light blue colour in the bedroom is often said to reflect beauty, dedication, and truth. Blue is also relaxing to look at and can lower heart rates and blood pressure, soothing us.

Tips To Choose Perfect Living Room Colour As Per Vastu

When choosing Vastu colours for your home, remember that it has to be by planets that favor you. You need to be mindful of which planet rules which direction of the house. There are colours and numbers associated with each planet. 

Apart from that, there are certain beneficial positions for each room, such as the kitchen in the southeast, living room in the northwest, bedroom in the southwest, etc. It would be best to consult a numerologist to guide you through the process.

According to Vastu, mercury rules the north side of the house, south by mars, east by the Sun, west by Saturn, and so on. As already mentioned, the northwest direction, which is ruled by the moon, is the best placement for a living room

As per numerology, it is associated with the number two. The color connected with the moon is white. So it would be best if you decide to paint the guest room or living room with white paint. You can even go for lighter shades of blue and pink. Blue is for relaxation and new beginnings. Meanwhile, pink is happiness and purity.

Living room colours that you should avoid

As already mentioned, each planet has a specific colour associated with it. It would be best if you do not use any harsh or darker shade of colour for your living room because most darker colours such as red, orange, or yellow connect to malefic planets such as mars, Shani or Saturn, and the Sun. 

Unlike beneficial planets such as the moon and venus – which are harmonious, the malefic planets cause discord. Hence, you shouldn’t use such fiery and temperamental colors for your living room. 

Since the moon rules the northwest side, the appropriate color is white and lighter shades of pastel colors. Such colours will promote harmony and the stillness of the mind.

Wall paint cost calculator.

If you have decided on the choice of colour for your living room walls as per Vastu, you can head over to the official Berger paints site to get an estimate of the cost of painting your house. 

You have an option for selecting the painting space. Choose between interior and exterior. Then select the paint type and the measurements of the room. Then choose the colour of the paint that you prefer. After which, you will be automatically led to the page showing you the money you need to spend. The cost includes the paint and other materials such as wall putty and primer, and you will be shown the net amount.


As we have seen, colours have a very important role per Vastu. Some colours can exude positive energy and give your living room a soothing and welcoming vibe. At the same time, some other colours may exude negativity.

So, if you are thinking of painting the walls of your living room, keep in mind each colour’s effect on you. You can choose any colour we have listed for you—from silvery white to pale pink, yellow or light purple.


Can I use two colour combinations in the living rooms, as per Vastu?

There are positive colours, and negative colours as well. So when choosing a particular combination, ensure the vibes do not clash. Positive colours include white, light pink, yellow, beige, and light blue. Negative colours are black, deep yellow, etc.

Are wall textures good for the living room, as per Vastu?

Yes, according to Vastu, wall textures are good. But as already mentioned, they must not contain any malefic colours. Make sure they are mainly muted tones and pastel colours and nothing too stark.

What are the living room colours that attract money, as per Vastu?

Colours such as violet and green attract money, per Vastu. Make sure to paint the walls of your living room in the said colours to attract wealth to your home. 


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