Add Drama To Your Living Space With Colour! For April 2022

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DIY furniture pieces in different hues

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How about adding bright DIY furniture pieces painted by yourself? Using Berger iPaint Enamel Paint is sure to bring a sense of pride. You can explore the options and shop with ease: Click here.

Right from flaming red to radiant golden yellow enamel paint, you can create a stunning statement with pieces of furniture painted in distinctive hues. There are other colour options available such as white, black and gold for you to choose from as well.

Colourful kitchen walls

Bring colour into your kitchen with lovely wall shades. Among colours, blues and greens are popular choices for the heart of the home.

Our colour experts recommend that you explore Berger’s Colour Catalogue to look for paint for house. From lighter hues of blue and green such as 5P0139 called BLUE WALTZ and 4P0096 called BELLA MINT to dark hues of blue and green such as 4D0886 called SUMMER SALAD and 5D1063 called BLUE BALANCE, there are options galore!

Decorative wall plates

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Spruce up the dull walls of your home with a diverse range of plates. This kind of art not only adds instant colour and life to your walls, it also transforms the entire room! You can choose from quirky prints to traditional ones on the plates. Take inspiration from the photograph above!

Colourful trims

Introduce colour into your living space by opting for colour on the trims. This works best especially in heritage and traditional homes where mouldings are interesting and substantial enough to pull off this look.

Accent pillows

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Not only are they visually striking, they are also functional. Decorative pillows are a great back support too. You can play with tons of patterns and textures in accent pillows.

They don’t just belong on the couch - they are also the perfect addition to any chairs in your home. Not only can they help make an ordinary chair feel plush and comfy but they can also add vibrance to the entire space.

Colourful drapes

Drapes and curtains are a quick way to add a touch of colour to your house. Reds and oranges can help energise a space and give it a modern look, while blue tones are ideal for more calming and relaxing areas. If you don’t want a solid colour, curtains with printed patterns or tie-dye sheer curtains are good alternatives too.

We hope you find this article handy. Just remember that when it comes to colours in the living space, permission to GO CRAZY is granted. So, what are you waiting for? Go forth, colour your space happy!


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