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At Berger Paints India, we are in love with the transformative power of colours and how it can lend beauty to any space it is used in. We have created a handy guide for trendy and fool proof wall paint colours for every spot of your house so that it feels like home. Start reading!

Wall colour ideas for the living room

The living room is one of the most important areas of a home as one tends to spend most of the time here with family members. It is also a place where one entertains friends and relatives.

One must choose the paint colours with proper care as it can either make or break the living room, rendering it classy or tacky. We give the stamp of approval to earthy tones and shades like aqua, beige and green for this space of the house.

You can check out our personal favourites from Berger’s Colour Catalogue: Aqua Chill (5P0136), Rock Salt (7P0186), Tropical Storm (4P0104)

Wall colour ideas for the home office

For the home office, it is a good idea to add a splash of grey or deep blue as these shades are said to improve focus and alertness. Orange and yellow are other preferred colours for the home office as these bring out creativity and ignite the imagination, perfect for those working in the creative field.

You can explore our colour picks from Berger’s Colour Catalogue: Industrial Steel (8P1802), Summer Sun (3A0386), Apricot Serenade (2D0227)

Wall colour ideas for the kids rooms

You can add a refreshing touch to the kids room with beautiful pastels like pale pink, baby blue or softer tones of yellow. Since these are soothing hues, they are bound to bring a calming effect on the little one.

You can go through our top choices from Berger’s Colour Catalogue: Chenille Pink (6P0176), Blue Mist (5P0281), Lemon Puff (3P0770)

Wall colour ideas for the bedroom

It is best to paint your bedroom in soothing colours to make it the most calming place in your home. Nothing spells ‘relaxing’ like a shade of lavender, soft green or deep blue.

Discover some lovely hues from Berger’s Colour Catalogue: Mi Amor (6D1406), Elemint (4P0093), Cascade Twilight (5D1143)

Wall colour ideas for the guest room

A neutral colour palette will make anyone feel at home. We recommend a light colour such as beige or light brown, as seen here. It is sure to make the room feel airy and spacious, giving your guests ample space for their stay.

Take a look at some of the shades from Berger’s Colour Catalogue we have a soft spot for: Sandy’s Smile (7D1550), Earth Song (7D1543), Pottery (7P0338)

Wall colour ideas for the kitchen

Kitchen is where all the magic happens! Food turns into wholesome, nourishing meals to satiate the tastebuds. It is a space which deserves nothing less than appetising colours that inspire all, be it a Master Chef, an experimental cook or a foodie. Our go-to hues to spice up the kitchen include green, orange and yellow.

Check out shades from Berger’s Colour Catalogue that we are particularly fond of: Pepper Pot (4A0410), Mexican Spice (2A0688), Corn Field (3D2054)

Wall colour ideas for the dining room

The dining room is a space where you bond over food and endless conversations. It is also a place for people to play hosts to their loved ones and treat them to lavish feasts. You can create a warm backdrop with a lovely shade like yellow, orange or teal to make this space cosy and inviting. A room colour, as seen in the photo above, is perfect to liven up the dining space.

You can take a look at our personal colour preferences from Berger’s Colour Catalogue: Sunday Sunshine (3P0746), Field of Flowers (2A0378), Newport (5D1039)

Wall colour ideas for the bathroom

Create a serene space with shades like green, blue or creamy white in your bathroom to add fresh appeal.

See our selection from Berger’s Colour Catalogue: Green Isle (4D2133), Blue Mist (5P0281), Cream Swirls (7P0337)

Hope you have found enough inspiration to change your house into a space that you love with the help of these house colour recommendations.

2 Replies to “A Guide to Choosing Wall Colours for Each Room of Your House”

  1. saket says: February 2, 2021 at 3:53 pm

    Very poor way of writing articles. When you know your site let you search ONLY by color CODES…why are you giving color NAMES. Also please mention the color code in images

    1. admin says: February 9, 2021 at 11:24 am

      Hi Saket,

      Thank you for letting us know about this. Your feedback helps us get better. We have updated the shade names with its corresponding shade codes so that you can explore the colours in the Berger Colour Catalogue with ease and find the perfect colours for your favourite walls!

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