Green Wall Texture

These wall texture designs and ideas will inspire you to add character, class and contrast to your new home. Pick your favourite.

If plain walls don’t fit into your style and vision for your new home, there are a number of ways you can add an element of interest and intrigue. Though colour is often the first thing that comes to mind when a home is feeling lackluster, texture paint is an equally effective tool to freshen up a room.

Dressing up your walls with unique textures showcased below will add depth and dimension and even colour-averse people can reap the benefits. Since most people spend their days interacting with smooth flat phone screens, contrasting textures at home feel so good! Wall texture design can be everything from bold to subtle, intricate to striking, offering results that can create a stunning focal wall that looks like a work of art.

Let us take you through some of the most aesthetic interior wall texture designs we love from our Silk Illusions Designer Finishes range.

Wall texture blue

In rooms with lighter colours on the walls, fabric-like textured paint will create a focal point that adds a cosy and warm feeling. To add to the effect, choose a calming shade like blue for your favourite cosy corner in the house.

Suggested Rooms: Bedroom, Library and Home Office.

CrepeWall Textures paint

A bright and big room can be given a playful touch with Crepe wall texture. A wall colour texture from floor to ceiling can give the room a unique, aesthetic backdrop. Pair this texture with soft pastels to create a comfortable yet chic design like this.

Suggested Rooms: Nursery, Living Room and Prayer Room.

Wall texture design

If you are looking for something grand, nothing speaks luxury like marble. Why limit yourself to marble flooring or countertops? Marble wall texture can add the same oomph without the extravagant pricing of Italian marble.

Suggested Rooms: Bedroom, Dining Room and Passageway/Entryway.

Artistic wall textured paint

For wall texture design that not only feels royal but also welcoming, Artistic design does great justice. Opt for neutral and earthy tones with a mix of gold, bronze or silver hues for the desired effect. The best thing about this living room design is how a pop of colour can be added with a piece of furniture or even plants.

Suggested Rooms: Living Room, Home Office and Entertainment Room.

wall texture designs for bedroom

If you’re aiming for a wall texture that feels like a piece of art, here is a design you can take inspiration from. A beautiful mix of different shades of green in Wifi wall texture adds a fusion of urban and earthy elements. As seen here, the majestic wall texture design not only subtly enhances the room but also beautifully matches the metallic tones seen in the chandelier and wall frame.

Suggested Rooms: Powder Room, Living Room and Guest Room.

Which wall texture design do you wish to add to your new home? Don’t forget to share your favourites in the comments below!

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