Add Some Moroccan Magic To Your Home! For September 2022

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Here are some ingenious ways to transform a boring city flat into an exciting place to come back to every single day!

Architectural details

Traditional Moroccan architecture is shaped by cultural and religious influences. If you have observed a Moroccan apartment, you will see that beautiful archways and curved doorways are key elements of this design style. You can incorporate these iconic architectural elements into your home to lend a sensual Moroccan flair.

Bold colour choices

The colours embraced in traditional Moroccan house interiors vary from bold and brilliant to subtle and subdued. Most often the colour scheme reflect either the ocean or desert hues. It is common to see brilliant reds, oranges, blues and greens dominate the interiors with a colour-washed or a neutral background.

You can go for high contrast with brilliant-hued accents set against a neutral backdrop or paint all of your walls in colour.

Ornate and plush furniture

Intricately-carved furniture and luxurious upholstered pieces are staples of Moroccan interiors. Carved seat bases, coffee tables, side tables and chests often contrast with plush pouffes, couches and floor cushions in a single room. You can incorporate these décor pieces into your living space.


For centuries, Moroccans have created some of the world’s most distinctive rugs. Traditionally, these rugs were used as blankets and even saddles. The designs are focused on abstract and geometric patterns with colourful and neutral palettes. You can adorn your home with Moroccan rugs to get the desired look.


Moroccan fabrics such as silk can be used and layered as room dividers, furniture protectors or draperies. You can mix patterns and colours to get the eclectic Moroccan look.


Moroccan lanterns are one the most recognisable elements of this design style. Intricately made from metals such as copper or brass, these pieces cast wonderful shadows on their surroundings when hung from a high ceiling. You can hang a small cluster in a room corner or as a focal point over a dining area.

You can also include a beautiful Henna lamp, which is made from natural fabric dyes and henna paintings as part of your décor.

If you are bored of minimalist and monochromatic interiors, there is nothing like an exotic Moroccan interior to motivate you to live a fun and colourful life.

Hope you find this article inspiring and handy!


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