Choosing A Unique Colour Story For Your House! For September 2020

When it comes to pulling your home together and making a colour story for it, a good place to start is by taking colour decisions. Once you have done that, you are one step closer to a well-designed home. Let’s get started.

Choose colours that inspire and comfort you

Choose Colour Story For Your House

A quick way to discover colours that work for you can be figured out from your existing home environment or even your clothes closet, especially pieces that you have had for years. This will give you some insight into your personal “perfect” colour palette and your comfort zone.

Create a mood board of things you love

mood board paint colours

Once you know your go-to colours, you can create a pinboard on your laptop or on your wall with decor items in those colours. Save different textures, rooms, art and even outfits that inspire you and go with your style. Once you have them saved together, you can create a mood board.

Mood boards are helpful because you can see your overall style more easily at one go and it also lets you see what colour combinations work together.

Mix neutrals with fun pops of colour

Neutrals are a good way to balance intense colour and create a more timeless design. Add pops of colour without overusing it as even a little bit can go a long way.

Focus on paint and permanent pieces

Paint colours are essential. Choose things you will keep and be happy with for a long time. Make sure not to compromise on paint quality while finalising for your walls.

If you do choose to go bold on paint colours or furniture, ensure it is timeless or a favourite - something that can sustain over seasons.  Once you are through with this, you can pick rugs, artwork and throw pillows to tie the whole look together.

Your chosen colour story can represent all the items in your home that you want to mix, match and last a long time.

Do note that this doesn’t have to become some sort of a rule book that you have to follow. Once you have established your basics, you can feel free to break out of your colour zone and experiment as much as you want!

Hope you find this exercise helpful in the initial, planning phases of your home makeover. All the best!

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