Feng Shui For January 2022

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Know These Feng Shui Essentials!

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The new year comes with an opportunity for a fresh start. Everything in your home, right from the colours on the walls to the rug on the floor sets the tone and mood. We have put together some Feng Shui essentials to help you head into 2022 with maximum harmony. Keep reading!

Welcome positive energy

Like yoga and meditation, Feng Shui is rooted in rich tradition. It is all about the correct energy flow.

The first thing that catches your attention when you open the door sets the tone for the entire home. An entrance way with proper Feng Shui feels welcoming, therefore the front door should be clean and free of obstacles like packages or shoes. Place a striking piece of art, object or furniture that is pleasing to the eye.

Clear the clutter

The cardinal rule of Feng Shui is to have no clutter in the living space. It is the logical step to create efficiency and bring peace of mind. It is important to get rid of old things to find room for new things in life.

Refresh with new house paint

Green is associated with growth and nourishment. Red is linked with fire and supports life energy. Yellow is associated with cheerfulness, exuding hope and optimism. Salmon pink fosters positive conversations among family members. Turquoise, a blue-green combo has qualities of green and blue, making it a great choice for living spaces, enabling movement and growth. Lavender, a beautiful blend of qualities derived from the wonderful blue and purple hues, evokes a sense of calm, spirituality and quiet. You can explore Berger’s Colour Catalogue to deep-dive into the various shades available so as to use on your walls.

Place indoor plants

Bringing nature indoors is believed to add peace and harmony to the living space. It has been proven that plants produce oxygen and remove carbon dioxide, uplifting people’s spirits.

Air-purifying plants we love: Rubber Plant, The Peace Lily, Dracaena. You can place these in your living space.

At the core, Feng Shui is all about feeling good and nourishing your life. Hope this article helps you achieve that!


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Reiki For January 2022

A Handy Guide on Reiki

The human body is an energy system in tune with the entire Universe. Any imbalance in the body obstructs the flow of energy, which results in ill health. Energy therapies strive to make sure that energies flowing within the body move without hindrance.

What is Reiki?

Energy healing such as Reiki is a holistic practice, helping in activating the body’s subtle energy systems to eliminate blocks. Reiki is a Japanese tradition of energy healing, dating back to the early 20th century. The body’s inherent ability to heal itself is activated during a Reiki session.

Who can benefit?

Any individual can benefit from energy healing. You need not be a spiritual individual to benefit from Reiki. It is recommended that you go in with an open mind for maximum benefits.

When to attend a Reiki session?

There is no particular time to visit a Reiki practitioner. You can go for a session whenever you feel like.

Where to attend a Reiki session?

Energy healing is always accessible because Reiki practitioners are found across the globe. However, the most interesting part of the Reiki practice is that it can be given or received even if the practitioner and the recipient are not in the same room!

What kind of room should the Reiki session be held in?

We recommend that you choose a room with a distemper paint in a shade like lavender, violet, coral, cream, green or blue that tends to be soothing to the eye and believed to be relaxing.

How many Reiki sessions to attend?

Just like brushing your teeth or eating, energy cleansing through Reiki can be done regularly. Your Reiki practitioner may recommend a series of sessions. Four sessions are generally recommended, which gives you time to assess the benefits that you are receiving.

Once you meet a Reiki practitioner and attend a session, you may feel relaxed and more balanced. You can keep the good vibes flowing by drinking water and following your body’s needs.

Hope you found this article helpful.


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Vaastu For January 2022

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Vaastu Tips for the New Year!

As we usher in the New Year, get ready to free your home from negative energy without making any structural changes and ensure 2022 is a happy and wholesome year. Keep reading for some handy Vaastu tips.

Among the many Vaastu tips, one of the easiest Vaastu tips to implement is keeping a crystal bowl filled with water and some rose petals. It makes for a beautiful décor piece and exudes positivity.

Tortoises have a strong shell that safeguards them from external harm. They are also known to have a long life. According to Vaastu, keeping a crystal tortoise in the home is considered a symbol of protection, longevity, wealth and prosperity.

The feather of a peacock is a symbol of spirituality, believed to bring harmony and joy into lives. As per Vaastu, it is recommended that you place the feathers in a clean place in the house to eliminate negative energy.

Wind chimes are a great way to bring beauty and add music to your life. Metal wind chimes are ideal for the north, the west and the north-west areas of your home. You can keep wooden ones irrespective of the wood colour in the south-east, east and the south areas.

Keeping a statue of Laughing Buddha at the front door of the house is considered to drive away bad vibes. Place it towards the east for peace and prosperity.

You can place a statue of the Arowana fish, regarded as emperor in the fish kingdom, in your living space. It is considered to attract wealth into your life.

Aquariums are believed to rectify many flaws present in the house. It is considered a stress-buster and adds vibrance when placed in a living space.

An indoor fountain is considered auspicious for the Vaastu Shastra of the home. Place it in the north, east or north-east corner of your living space. Remember to keep the water always flowing.

These were some Vaastu tips for your home to usher in the New Year. Hope it brings you peace, prosperity, good fortune and good health.


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