White Paint for Wall

The common belief is that a white wall in home painting is just devoid of colour and hence, looks extremely dull. Yet, imagine everything that you can do with a blank canvas. A white wall is no different. It is the purest of colours and can be molded to fit well into our imagination and decor ideas. 

How to implement the white wall look with decor and not be boring

Since the scope is massive, you can experiment unashamedly with plain wall decor ideas. If your beauty aesthetic is simple and minimal, you can hang a piece of artwork that will look extremely vibrant against the white. Or else you can also make it more personalized by decorating the wall with pictures of people and places you love. 

Importance of having white color

white wall Colour

The traditional way of getting plain wall decor is to use different colours that go well together. But, the perception of beauty has evolved over the ages, due to which simplicity yields more aesthetic appeal now. Most homes choose to go along with white wall decor for numerous reasons. While too many colours may seem chaotic, white render a feeling of calm and serenity. Hence, being amidst such plain walls after a long and hectic day is bound to make you feel at peace. Moreover, however small or big your room is, white always gives the impression of the room being more spacious, which is extremely advantageous if your room is small. 

White walls with white furniture

You might think that placing white against white will take away the attention from both, but this colour has many wonders. This is one of the most popular plain wall decor ideas where the furniture is the same colour as the wall. The overall vibe the decor gives off is extremely neat and clean, and hygienic. 

Experiment with DIY Wall Art

Nothing screams more creative and innovative than decorating a plain wall with accessories that are made by hand. Not only does it look extremely quirky and cool, but it will also make you feel good about yourself to have some wall art displayed that results from your creative cells and hard work. 

Wall Hangings to take center stage

home interior colours

You can never go wrong with wall hangings as plain wall decor because whichever one you choose, regardless of the colour, texture, and style, the hanging will seize all the spotlight towards itself. You can hang one piece in the center or scatter multiple on the wall in a pattern that serves your taste. 

Compliment white walls with wood tones floors

If you want proof of how beautifully brown and white go hand in hand, take this opportunity to have wooden floors made while keeping your walls white. The result is one of utmost elegance and style—the soft look of wood contrasted with the soothing color of white calls for a very comfortable feeling. 

Create contrast with colours

Just because you have plain walls does not mean that you cannot play with other colours, which can also be a part of your white wall decor. In this case, you have to choose a colour, or a combination of colours, and get furniture and other accessories for the room in them. Thus, you will have contrasting colours with your plain wall in no time. You can also try out virtual painter or interior paint product finder to try out different combinations of colours.

Add a mirror for reflection

As if just the colour white was not enough, here is another way to make the room seem bigger and more spacious. That is by using mirrors as one of your white wall decor ideas. Instead of placing the mirror in the center, you can attach it on one of the sides for a more classy look.

Neutral colours create a layered effect

While contrasting colours are extremely vibrant to look at, adding neutral colours while decorating with white walls may seem basic but gives off a layered effect that is extremely compact to look at. Get your cushions and curtains in basic colors and get your white-walled room to look extremely cozy and calming. 

Monochrome magic with metal objects

While monochrome may indicate black and white, adding metal objects to your white wall home decor is not necessarily that. Instead, the shiny look of metals adds quite an edge to the entire beauty of your room. Instead of simple and basic, you get to enjoy edgy and classic with white paired with metal. 

Fulfill your creative potential with DIY paints

You do not need a professional if you are looking for a very casual painting job on your walls. Be more creative by doing the job yourself. You can add colours, patterns, and shapes. Moreover, the colours do not have to make sense if that is your style. You can have fun with DIY paints, resulting in a cool-looking wall. 

Bring in plants for your home

Who said plants are only meant for the garden or other outdoor spaces? Indoor plants are much in vogue and are special plants that thrive well, even when kept inside. The green from the plants not only goes amazingly well with the white walls but is also extremely soothing to the eye and creates a cooling effect in your room. 

interior paint ideas

Experiment with styling and play around with colours

If you cannot decide how to decorate a room with white walls, if you are unsure of the colours to use, do not hesitate to play around with multiple colours and styles. And finally, one of them will stick to your preference. 


If you are wondering how to decorate a bedroom with white walls, you can choose from multiple options, and neither is any less. Having white walls is a way of being versatile with your preferences and style. Thus, experiment with all you want when you have plain white walls. 


How to decorate a room with white walls? 

It is not that difficult to decorate a room with a white wall. You can experiment with different colours, furniture, and other decorative items to attach or hang on the wall, making your room look extremely appealing to the eye. 

How to modernize a room with white walls? 

If you are looking to have a simple yet aesthetic look, then you can go for pastel shades in curtains and cushions for an elegant modernized look. Decorating the room with metallic objects is another quirky and modern look. 

What colour area rug goes with white walls in the living room? 

Since the colour of the wall is constant, you must pay attention to the colour of the other objects and furniture in your room. Any colour complimenting or contrasting the furniture will be suitable for a rug in the living room. 

How can I decorate my living room with antique white walls? 

If your idea is to have an antique vibe for your room with white walls, then getting wooden floors and antique-looking furniture for the room is highly recommended. 

How to add colour to a large room with dark brown furniture and white walls? 

Since you already have dark-colored furniture in a white-walled room, you can aim for colours in the curtains, sofa, and cushions in lighter shades so as not to make it seem chaotic but appealing to the eye. 

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