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Some colours are proven to accentuate indoor plants. If you have an urban jungle in your home, you cant miss out on these interior paint ideas!

Bringing the elements from the outside world has been a major design trend since the start of the lockdown. With more people spending indefinite time indoors, it is only natural (no pun intended!) to crave the lushness of the outside world. Wood furniture, stone finishes and even earth inspired tones are great ways to bring the outdoors in. But one of the most beneficial and best ways to sneak nature into our man-made dwellings is the introduction of plants or indoor green spaces.

There are plenty of reasons to bring plants into every space and room of your house. Beyond their aesthetic value, plants help reduce toxins in the air and calm the monkey mind. They are proven to lower blood pressure, energise the mind and encourage deeper sleep. Bringing plants into your home adds life to the space.

For those who have a green thumb, we find that some paint colours work best to complement the lush foliage inside your house. Here are six great home interior colours for indoor plants:

home interior colours

White works well with any colour combination, giving all the focus to the houseplants. With white walls, your space will look more open, breathable, clean and airy. White walls allow the plants to be the rooms main accents by letting them add colour and character to the space.

Berger Colour Recommendations: Wedding Gown (8P0201), Moon Flower (8P0209)

Sky Blueinterior house paint colors

Use a soothing shade of sky blue to create a sense of calm and clarity, a place that is restful, a million miles away from the busy, hectic pace of daily life. A certain shade of sky blue has a plucked-from-nature look that pairs well with indoor plants.

Berger Colour Recommendations: Cloud-Wisped Sky (5P1138), Pale Azure (5P1186)

interior painting

Some colours can instantly transport you to another place and time. Such is the case with terracotta hues, especially in rich browns and pinks. It reminds you of a warmer climate and holidaying in Morocco. Add green plants in contrasting bright blue planters and pots to enhance a Moroccan theme.

Berger Colour Recommendations: Airy Cream (2P0048), Fall Canyon (2D0607)

Mint GreenInterior Wall Paint

Mint green works well with indoor plants, mimicking the liveliness of the plants themselves. Giving your urban jungle a mint green backdrop will add character to the space without overpowering it. You can also place the plants near the surface of the mint green walls to have them cast shadows through the day. This will create intrigue and interest.

Berger Colour Recommendations: Essence Teal (4P0266), Snappy Green (4T0893)

Jewel Tones
Paint For Interior Walls

Rich shades of emerald green, ruby red or citrine yellow add deep contrast to foliage plants and pale-hued flowers. Just like sparkling jewels, these colours will draw the eye and can be used to create a focal point in the space. Remember to use these colours in small doses, they’ll still create maximum impact!

Berger Colour Recommendations: Deep Valley (4A2178), Tucson Gold (3A0784)

Coffee Brown
Interior House Paint

Earth tones such as this coffee brown add a calming effect and complement the natural elements (including plants). Consider opting for coffee brown if you have wooden flooring and furniture, add a marble center table and neutral, natural fabrics. You will love how brown helps express the liveliness of your plants while blending in with the natural theme.

Berger Colour Recommendations: Dark Roast (8A1736), Teddy Brown (7A2511)

Transform Your Home Interior

Deciding on the right colour for your home walls is no easy task. If you need help to discover the perfect colours and ideas for your flora and your abode, our professional painters are just a call away. Berger Express Painting provides faster, cleaner, safer painting services. Moreover, we use green label paints, which keeps the indoor environment clean and healthy for both your family and plants! To contact our experts, call us on toll-free number – 1800 103 6030 or SMS ‘XP‘ to 56767.

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