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Bedroom wall colour affects the mood and energy of the persons residing there. The people’s personalities and preferences are reflected by the colour of the walls of their rooms. Different types of shades of colour make the room appear differently. If we furnish ourselves with information about the utilities and effects of different colours for the bedroom, it is not a huge task to select the best among them. We will help you get the best colour for your bedroom and let you know how to choose them. You can also get an estimate for painting your room from our website.

How do wall colours affect a room’s look?

bedroom wall paint colors

Room looks are majorly affected by the colours we select for the rooms. The choice of the wall colour for the bedroom and using it specifically can make someone’s room look completely different. Here are a few hints for the bedroom wall colour tones that you can surely apply and learn how to use, making your rooms look perfect and dreamy as you have always wished. To make your bedrooms appear large, you can use lighter and cooler colours. On the other hand, the darker the colour, the smaller the room will appear to your eyes. Darkly colouring the ceiling and painting the side walls with a lighter shade will make your rooms appear wider and more spacious. Many more options are available for small bedroom colour ideas, such as a darker shade at the bottom of the wall will make the bedroom wall appear shorter. Bedroom wall colour, such as the bold one on the walls and the light one on the ceiling, creates an elongating room appearance. Sometimes we want to highlight a single wall of our bedroom; to do this, one can paint a single wall with a lighter tone and the rest with a bolder one, popping the white wall. 

Things to consider while choosing a wall colour for the bedroom

Hope you have already got many unique colour options. These small bedroom colour ideas will outdo the latest room-colouring fashion. Now, look at the several other things that must be considered while choosing the wall colour for bedroom. 

Vastu significance of wall colour for bedroom

For a peaceful, harmonious and healthy family life, the bedrooms are often painted with Vastu colours. It is said that having a paint colour, as per Vastu, helps bring prosperity, positive energies, good vibes and abundance to one’s life. For example, if we take the Vastu green colour into account, it displaces relief, ease, healing and alleviation. Again, yellow signifies intellect, contentment and cheerfulness and is perfect for a small bedroom besides making it look spacious. Among all these, Vastu white is the best choice signifying no negativity.

Furniture colour and Decor theme

best bedroom wall colour

While choosing wall colour ideas for the bedroom, we have to keep in mind the furniture colour as well as the decoration theme. The open spaces of a bedroom are given a formalised structure by using furniture with the correct choice of colour and decorating them accordingly. Light-coloured furniture can be merged with dark walls. For example, if a bedroom is coloured dark blue, light toned furniture is useful in making the room look beautiful. Again, if the wall colour for bedroom is grey, a wide range of furniture colours can be used. 

Top 10 small bedroom colour ideas

Different colour shades import different emotions within oneself, so to create a fabulous atmosphere inside a small bedroom, you have to make the correct choice of colours. There are many small bedroom colour ideas which can be used to make the wall look gorgeous. Some of them are enlisted below:

Delicate White: 

bedroom colour design

White colour in the bedroom increases the brightness of the room. It is an outstanding choice for the main wall and can be paired with almost any colour. 

Pale Violet:

lavender Colour Wall Paint

This is a beautiful wall colour for bedroom. It looks like soft grey having the components of violet-purple paint colour, making everything in the room look bigger than they are. 

Lime White:

It is a pale colour having a soft accent with a red undertone. With the use of minimum amounts of red pigments, the dimmed tone gives it a sophisticated look. 

Light Blue: 

Blue Colour Wall Paint

A very beautiful wall colour for bedroom includes light blue providing an essence of peace and calmness in the house. White and light blue makes an ideal amalgamation in a small bedroom. The lighter colours are likely to spread lights all along the dark corners of a room, making the room more attainable


It is a fusion of deep blue and green colours having many undertones. It is a very popular interior wall paint providing calmness and tranquillity. A combination of a paler shade of teal and grey gives a stylish look considering a wonderful wall colour combination for small bedrooms.

Mint Green:

A colour of many variants- Mint Green is a bright colour spreading a soothing eye effect. It is the latest wall colour made with a mixture of green and blue and a lot of white. The vibrant shade gives a dynamic feeling even if the room is small. It is one of the best choices for a small bedroom. 

Pearl Grey:

bedroom colour paint

Luxury is the first word that comes to mind when looking at this colour. Although grey is sometimes considered dull, if some brightness is added, it gives a unique and enlightening look. Other shades of grey, maybe darker or lighter, can make a good bedroom wall colour combination.

Soft Yellow:

A summary feeling is achieved through this colour which is said to entrap the warmth evoking a positive appearance. Blue or purple are the best-suited colour combination for a small bedroom having soft yellow paint; even other colours like white, orange, brown, pink, red and green are also wonderfully compatible with it.  

Blush Pink:

Pink Colour Wall Paint

Blush pink beats every colour tone for feminine elegance, providing softness to a small bedroom. Blush pink works well with mint green, white, gold, grey, and indigo blue, making the bedroom eye catchy to everyone. 


Grey is said to give a calm and warm feeling rather than a dull effect. The colour represents neutrality and is adopted by mixing black and white. Being neither a dark nor a light tone of colour, it perfectly matches other unbiased shades, including cream.

Berger Colour Catalogue– Berger Colour Recommendation: Various eye-soothing colours with colour codes are given from where you can choose the best shade for your wall. 

Get an estimate

A Berger paint calculator can calculate the area to be painted and finally estimate the final and required amount of paint. 

Get Estimate

Berger Express Painting can be done by directly contacting through the website, followed by an on-site consultation and digital estimate. Regular supervision is also done, succeeding the start of painting followed by post-painting clean-up and disinfection. Express Painting Consumer Service application is also available on Google Play and App Store. 

Virtual Painter helps users to visualise how the interior of a room or exterior of a house will look with a single colour or combination of colours.


Interior wall paint may be of a lighter shade or a darker shade; it greatly influences the look of a small bedroom. Brighter colours can give the room a fresh appearance making it look much wider and broader than its actual size. On the other hand, the darker colours cause the absorption of light, making the room look small. Although you have to go with the colour that makes you comfortable, you may use a single tone of colour or a combination of various shades of colour to make your room appear more appealing. 


Can you paint a small bedroom in dark colour?

Colouring a small bedroom with dark colours can make the room look smaller since these colours absorb the light. But colours like grey, brown, and purple can be used with a matte finish without making the room look smaller.  

What colours make a bedroom look brighter?

Colouring a wall with light colours such as off-white, greens, and blues, along with other light-toned colours, makes a bedroom look brighter. 

Can I add wall texture to a small bedroom?

Yes, you can add wall texture to a small bedroom. Alongside colour, wall texture is an equally productive tool for a bedroom, making the room more welcoming.

What are the colours to avoid for a small bedroom?

Dark colours like black, brown, red, and dark green are avoided for small bedrooms as they make the room look smaller. 

Can I add two colour combinations for a small bedroom?

Two colour combinations can be added for a small bedroom giving the room visual satisfaction. Small bedroom colour combinations such as light blue-white, light pink-white, and brown with muted green can be used.

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