Want beautiful walls in your home similar to the ones you see in the above picture? We’re spilling the beans on how you can get them! 

Fix Your Budget

Painting is an important part of the home improvement process. It adds beauty to the structure and allows you to create a personal touch as well. However, budget plays a crucial role in home painting.

The process involves several costs, such as paint, putty, primer and labour, making it important for you to compute these expenses and devise a solid plan to be financially prepared for the entire procedure.

Create Your Mood Board

Moodboard for Home Painting

Just like you have vision boards to help you achieve your goals in life, you can take the help of mood boards to make your dreams of having beautiful walls in your home a reality!

First step is to visualise how you want your walls to look. Start by thinking about how you want the finished project to look and remember that you are not limited to four walls or an entire room in the same colour.

You can consider painting an accent wall in a bold hue or focus on mouldings and trims in a contrasting shade or finish. Also, don’t forget to look up and see whether the ceiling could use a new coat of paint.

To overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed with the different types of paints available, you can ask yourselves these two-three simple questions.

Do you want a cool or warm shade? Saturated or neutral? Will the colour complement or contrast your existing furniture?

Wall Paint Swatches

Once you have an idea of what you want, pick a few shades and test it on the wall for a better sense of shade. Observe the colours in the room at different times of day.

The paint you choose can change the look of your entire space during different hours of the day. Take note that darker colours will have more sheen as they contain more pigment as compared to lighter colours.

If you want to imagine how your dream home would look like with different colour combinations before even touching a brush to the wall, we have something for you.

With the help of Berger Visualizer App, you can play around with not only colours but also textures, designer finishes, wood finishes and glass finishes to create the perfect colour combinations for your home walls.

All you have to do is choose from a prefixed template that is closest to your dream home and paint it with different colours available on the app. Once done, you can save and share your dream project with family and friends to find out what they think about it!

Must-Have Tools For The Job

Home Painting Tools

Thinking of your interior painting checklist? The right painting tools can make your job faster and easier.

Painter’s tape, brushes, rollers, roller trays, roller extension pole and a sturdy ladder are an integral part of any painting professional’s kit to ensure a smooth and stress-free painting experience.

Disinfected, automated tools used by painting professionals of Berger Paints India can help with a faster, cleaner and safer painting result. They also use Homeshield Moisture Meter to measure moisture content in the wall, detecting trapped moisture in concrete floors, walls and ceilings, which could be due to rain water, leaking roof, damaged pipes or underground seepage.

We know that preparing walls for painting can be a challenge but a non-skippable step. If your painter does not prepare the walls before painting, you will probably see all the underlying imperfections when the new paint dries. Therefore, it is important that your painter prep your walls judiciously before painting, without being lazy.

The Proper Painting Technique

Wall Painting technique

There are two professional phrases that painters need to keep in mind while painting – “cutting in” and “wet edge.”

“Cutting in” is the art of drawing a straight line, separating two distinct colours using only the paint brush – no masking tape or other help. You often see it at the edge where a wall colour is cut into a different ceiling colour.

To simplify this further for you, just imagine this – You want white trims around your windows surrounded by red-coloured walls. First, the painter will have to paint the trim. Then, when he paints the walls, he will need to bring the darker paint right up to the edge of the trim. He could mask off the trim with tape, but with a steady hand, he can simply draw the line of coloured paint, freestyle. This is the technique of “cutting in.”

The other painting technique is “Wet edge.” This means creating a seamless flow from one paint line to another so that one cannot tell when one brush stroke ends and where the next one begins!

People often make mistakes when it comes to home painting. Here’s a blog from our experts on “6 Mistakes To Avoid When Painting Home Walls.Click here.

The Right Way To Store Paint Supplies

Paint Supplies

When the painter is done painting, it is recommended that you be patient and not touch the walls for at least two hours. It is also important to store the painting kit carefully and preserve the brushes and any remaining paint.

Rinse the brushes and rollers with warm water and maybe a little bit of mild soap. Rinse it until all the paint is washed off.

For the cans of paint, just put the lid back on and store in a cool, dry place to make it last for years.

Final Thoughts

Using our expert tips can help transform your home into a place that is comfortable, beautiful and inspiring.

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For professional painting results, it is best to turn to the experts for help. Contact Berger Express Painting service for a hassle-free experience and outstanding professional service. Pull out your smartphone and SMS ‘XP’ to 56767 or give us a call on our toll-free number – 1800 103 6030.

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