They say your home is a reflection of your personality. Painting it with the right colours can bring out who you really are and resonate with your personal likes and preferences. Let’s get started on how to go about picking the right wall paint colours for your home. Get ready to take some notes down!

When planning a home painting project, it is a good idea to spend some time thinking about what kind of mood you are trying to create inside the freshly-painted room. Do you want to feel calm and relaxed? If that is the aim, you can choose a cool shade or a light warm shade. If you are looking to create a comforting vibe, pick shades like buttery yellows. If you wish to experience calmness, shades of light green such as sage or moss can do the trick. If you wish to feel energised, vibrant colours can work its magic. If you like minimalism, neutral shades can work well. You can give your house any kind of vibe you want, all you need is some paint and imagination.

A good rule of thumb is to make use of the colour wheel. Colours that lie close to each other on the colour wheel such as blue and purple are analogous to each other and will allow one colour to stand out more than the other. Colours opposite each other on the colour wheel such as red and green are complementary to one another and will work well. If you wish to achieve a soothing look, try to remain within the same shade.

It is easy to understand how colours work and complement each other using the colour wheel. If you are interested in getting your walls painted and want to make a small room appear airy and spacious, you can opt for colours such as blues, purples and greens. Choose shades like yellows, oranges and reds for a vibrant appearance. If you find it tricky to choose between two colours, you can try swatches on the wall before deciding. You can also check out the various shades you fancy on sample boards to see how well they complement each other.

Technology has come a long way. If you want a trendy home makeover, it is a good idea to research the latest paint products and innovation in the paint industry (we will be covering this in our next blog series, so watch out for that). These days, even professional painting services have handy apps and impressive tools that help customers visualise how a certain colour will look on home walls. You can also derive inspiration and get some creative ideas by browsing through colour catalogues offered by most paint companies and discover endless possibilities!

You can also draw inspiration from what is around you. Think about picking out a colour of something else that is going to be in the room that you are keen to paint. It could be the colour of the fabrics such as curtains, cushion covers or décor pieces. If you are thinking of creating an accent wall, look at the boldest colours around you. You can take your colour cues from a chair, an artwork or even your clothes for an accent wall.

Wall Paint

Don’t forget about the 60-30-10 rule that can help you when it comes to wall painting. Divide the colours into components – 60% of a dominant colour (walls), 30% of a secondary colour (upholstery) and the remaining 10% of an accent colour (accessories). Following this rule can help make your home painting task less challenging. However, if you still find this trick cumbersome, you can decide on the focal point of each room before splashing colour on the walls. Just remember to use a neutral colour scheme if your furnishings are vibrant and colourful and vice versa. Don’t go for more than three colours. If you plan to go with two bold colours, keep the third neutral to balance it out. Another trick while choosing paint colours is to start off by choosing your boldest colour and then move on to choosing the others keeping the first colour in mind.

It is important to always remember to consider the home as a whole. What this means is that transitioning from one room to another can be tricky, which is why you need to consider colours that flow well and bring the entire space together. In fact, it would be smart to start with the common areas of your home like the living room and dining room.

Next up is deciding what type of paint to buy once you finalise on the paint colours. If you are embarrassed by tacky stains on the walls of your home and want an effective solution for this, you can opt for a glossy paint. It is proven that the glossier the paint, the easier it is to clean up. This paint is ideal if you have kids or pets in the home and get your walls stained often due to accidental spills and kids who love to create an artwork on your home walls. High gloss also works well for trims around your home since it imparts a finished look. If your home walls have lots of imperfections, you can opt for flat or matte paint. Semi-gloss is a good choice for bathrooms and kitchens for its washability. You can also opt for satin sheens for your kitchen and bathroom. This could be a good choice if you really want some gloss but don’t like the shine of a gloss.

To conclude, we hope you have gathered some insights on how to make the walls of your home a treat to the eyes. Thank you for joining us in navigating the entire process of selecting paint colours. We hope you are feeling inspired and ready for a new makeover for your house!

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  1. Alice Carroll says: May 19, 2022 at 2:13 pm

    Thanks for the reminder that having colors that flow well is very important to look for when it designing a houses. I’d like to get home painting services soon because there are times when I think my living room is a bit dull compared to the other rooms in my house. I think it’s time to have a more unified vibe for all the rooms in my home.

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