What Colour Should You Paint Your Room?

white and brown living room decor and walls

Discover your ideal room paint colour with this quick and easy quiz!

What atmosphere do you want to create in your room?
  • A) Cosy and warm
  • B) Refreshing and calming
  • C) Bold and energetic
How much natural light does your room get?
  • A) Plenty of natural light
  • B) Some natural light
  • C) Limited natural light
What's your preferred colour palette in general?
  • A) Earthy and neutral tones
  • B) Cool and serene colours
  • C) Vibrant and bold shades
What's your favourite season?
  • A) Winter
  • B) Spring
  • C) Summer
What's the size of your room?
  • A) Small
  • B) Medium
  • C) Large
What's your favourite type of decor?
  • A) Rustic and natural
  • B) Minimalist and modern
  • C) Eclectic and vibrant
How long do you plan to keep this colour scheme?
  • A) Long-term
  • B) Medium-term
  • C) Short-term
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