What is your music colour personality?

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Music is what connects and entertains us. Take this interesting quiz to understand how your favourite music reveals your colour personality!

Your favourite kind of dance is?
  • A) Salsa
  • B) Zumba
  • C) Ballet
Your favourite thing to do?
  • A) Reading
  • B) Partying
  • C) Sleeping
What is your preferred kind of music genre?
  • A) Jazz
  • B) Pop
  • C) Soft rock
On weekends, you are usually found at?
  • A) A library
  • B) A club
  • C) In your bedroom
Music is best enjoyed...
  • A) With friends
  • B) In a concert
  • C) Alone
Pick a band
  • A) Goo Goo Dolls
  • B) Coldplay
  • C) The Beatles
And lastly, pick a spot
  • A) The mountains
  • B) The beach
  • C) The countryside
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