How Would You Save the Day?

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Superpowers are amazing, everyone knows that. But which superpower do you actually need? Let’s find out!

What out of these irritates you the most?
  • A) Traffic on the road
  • B) People telling you what to do
  • C) Bad table manners
If you found out your real parents were actually trapped in a dungeon, you would..?
  • A) Rescue them at once
  • B) First hit the person responsible for trapping them
  • C) Call the police
How do you react to a crisis?
  • A) You’re the first to come up with a solution
  • B) You turn to others for a solution
  • C) You begin praying
What type of dessert do you prefer?
  • A) An ice-cream from a nearby store
  • B) An entire cake for yourself
  • C) A really decadent one by a master-chef
Which element is your favourite?
  • A) The Wind
  • B) The Earth
  • C) The Water
If you could be a cartoon, which character would you pick?
  • A) Bugs Bunny
  • B) Popeye
  • C) Jerry
How would you prefer going from point A to B?
  • A) Running
  • B) In a tank
  • C) Private Jet
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