Unpopularity of black in home painting For October 2019

Black Wall Paint Image

A fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest ways to refresh the look of any room. However, picking the wrong shade can cause disappointment and you could end up regretting the choice. If you are planning to sell your home in the near future, it is all the more important for you to choose the right paint colour as you don’t want prospective buyers turning up their noses looking at the walls.

It is quite a known fact that the paint colours one picks for a room will affect how they feel when they spend time in that space. When picking paint colours for their homes, people go for colours that make them happy and uplifted. People opt for popular paints for their homes like blue, yellow or green that infuses positivity or one that exudes calmness.

Black is one colour that is mostly left untouched for various reasons. It is not a popular colour for house interiors or exteriors. It does not exude cheerfulness or vibrancy to the space. In fact, most people believe it to be a colour that looks lifeless and dull. People would rather opt for a colour that is pleasing to the eyes and one that lends warmth to the entire living space.

Though black trim works well with most base colours, choosing it as a base colour for home interiors or exteriors is a wrong idea. It is known to make the house too hot in summers as it absorbs more heat from the sun than any other coloured house. A light-coloured house will reflect more sunrays, keeping indoor temperatures cooler in the summer months.

Apart from that, painting a home exterior with black paint can be disastrous as the colour is known to fade easily and may need repainting sooner compared to a home with lighter exterior.

If you go with black, you will also need to make sure the surface of your home is very well prepped as black can be more unforgiving than other colours in showing up imperfections. On a surface, black is known to accentuate imperfections. Any chip, blemish, gouge or flaw on an exterior wall will draw more attention if it is painted in black. Now, who would want that?

At the end of the day, you want the right mood in a room, as it is known to impact not just your own feelings, but also that of everyone who steps into it.

So now that you have read the reasons, would you take the plunge on your home’s painting task and paint it black, just like The Rolling Stones?


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