What's Your Accent Wall Style?


Looking for an accent wall for your home? Take our fun quiz and find out what style defines you best!

Pick your favourite colour palette.
  • A) Pop colours
  • B) Neutral colours
  • C) A bit of both A & B
What is your favourite place in your house?
  • A) Kitchen
  • B) Living Room
  • C) Balcony
What is your favourite quote from below?
  • A) A. “It’s a jungle out there!”
  • B) “I need Vitamin Sea!”
  • C) “Mountains are calling!”
How does your weekend look like?
  • A) Movie marathon
  • B) Sleep all day long
  • C) Day out with friends
How creative are you?
  • A) Pretty much a creative person!
  • B) Creativity? What is that?
  • C) Somewhere in between A & B
What would you prefer to hang over the walls?
  • A) Monochrome photographs
  • B) A classic artwork
  • C) Pop coloured frames with quotes
What is your gifting style?
  • A) DIY gifts based on their choice
  • B) Last minute gift shopper
  • C) Pre-order gifts in advance
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