What's Your Accent Wall Style?

white and brown living room decor and walls

Looking for an accent wall for your home? Take our fun quiz and find out what style defines you best!

Pick your favourite colour palette.
  • A) Pop colours
  • B) Neutral colours
  • C) A bit of both A & B
What is your favourite place in your house?
  • A) Kitchen
  • B) Living Room
  • C) Balcony
What is your favourite quote from below?
  • A) A. “It’s a jungle out there!”
  • B) “I need Vitamin Sea!”
  • C) “Mountains are calling!”
How does your weekend look like?
  • A) Movie marathon
  • B) Sleep all day long
  • C) Day out with friends
How creative are you?
  • A) Pretty much a creative person!
  • B) Creativity? What is that?
  • C) Somewhere in between A & B
What would you prefer to hang over the walls?
  • A) Monochrome photographs
  • B) A classic artwork
  • C) Pop coloured frames with quotes
What is your gifting style?
  • A) DIY gifts based on their choice
  • B) Last minute gift shopper
  • C) Pre-order gifts in advance
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