What's Your Spirit Pattern?

white and brown living room decor and walls

Just like we all have a spirit animal, we like to believe that we have spirit patterns as well. Some of us are solids, some are stripes and some are leopard prints. Take this quiz to find out what your spirit pattern is. Don’t try to figure it out, just go with your gut and pick what resonates with you the most!

When it comes to home decor and furniture, you believe:
  • A) Balanced is the best
  • B) Less is more
  • C) More is more
Which room do you love spending time in:
  • A) Living room
  • B) Bedroom
  • C) Dining room
When it comes to living spaces, what do you prefer:
  • A) Calm and cosy
  • B) Full of energy
  • C) Sophisticated and glam
When it comes to colour schemes for living spaces, what do you prefer:
  • A) Clean and neutral
  • B) Pop of colour
  • C) Bold and bright
What kind of living spaces make you swoon:
  • A) Vintage
  • B) Modern
  • C) Shabby Chic
If you had to pick piece of art, you would pick:
  • A) Black and white abstract
  • B) Colourful oil painting
  • C) Metal sculpture
Pick the colour which appeals to you the most:
  • A) Red
  • B) Yellow
  • C) Green
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