What Is Your Spiritual Colour?

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To find the colour that embodies your spiritual personality, try this quick quiz. The results might surprise you!

What is most appealing to you?
  • A) Snow
  • B) Sunset
  • C) Fire
When you wake up in the morning, you generally feel...
  • A) Relaxed
  • B) Positive
  • C) Tired
How would you describe your dreams?
  • A) Floaty and romantic
  • B) Hopeful and surreal
  • C) Fast-paced action and vivid
Your favourite reading genre is?
  • A) Poetry
  • B) A self-help book
  • C) A glossy fashion magazine
Your favourite season is...
  • A) Rainy
  • B) Summer
  • C) Winter
Your dream job would be...
  • A) Artistic
  • B) Philanthropy
  • C) Detective
What kind of a dancer are you?
  • A) Calm
  • B) Easy-flowing
  • C) Upbeat
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