Feng Shui For November 2021

Make Your Rental Home Inspirational With Feng Shui Tips!

Are you a young professional who is always on the move looking out for good opportunities, changing homes every once in a while? Then, this article is just for you. Our Feng Shui expert has put together some easy yet effective tips to Feng Shui your rental space.

To start with, it is important to choose the right colour paint for your walls. Transform dingy walls into refreshed backdrops with colours such green, yellow, blue or orange. Remember - good vibes only! Look for the right shade that creates a cheerful atmosphere.

To create a welcoming Feng Shui, inside and out, make sure the door makes a powerful first impression. Display a pretty welcome mat, install working light fixtures and keep the floors clean to attract good Chi energy into your life through your home entrance.

If the living space is not large and airy, arranging the objects around the house can do the trick to create an illusion of space.

Look at how the bed is positioned in the bedroom. The ideal way to place it is diagonally opposite the door, in a way that your head is against something solid like a wall. Remember that electronics emit energy and currents that can be distracting, especially while sleeping. Therefore, make sure you don't have too many electronic devices in your bedroom. Keep the ones that you absolutely can’t avoid at a distance of two feet from your bed.

Don't let less space determine the location of your work desk. Make sure that you don’t place it in the bedroom. Position it diagonally opposite from the door. This is believed to bring clarity in your thinking. When you work, make sure you are not showing your back to the door or against a large window as both are considered distracting.

Keep these Feng Shui tips in mind to create a positive and peaceful living space that contributes to your growth and prosperity.


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Reiki For November 2021

Reiki Tips For Your Bedroom!

Pastel Bedroom

Reiki is a 100-year-old process that is believed to balance your body and energy. Reiki believers and practitioners vouch for the power of Reiki. Start reading to find out how you can use Reiki to make your bedroom a tranquil oasis!

Wall Colours

Bright colours and busy patterns should not be used in bedroom. If you are surrounded by striking, bold colour in your bedroom, just notice whether you feel well-rested or groggy. You are most likely to wake up grumpy and feeling uneasy.

We recommend that you choose house paint such as coral, cream, green, blue, violet or lavender that tend to be soothing to the eye and believed to be relaxing.

Bed linens

Changing the bed linen to something more subtle and neutral is the easiest way to transform a chaotic space into a calm one.

If you have trouble falling asleep or feel anxious, go for something like beige or cream in bed linens and see a positive shift in your energy.

Harsh lighting

Lighting can play a huge role in our moods. As the day ends, switch to soft lightning so that your eyes can begin to relax and rest. Use sconces and table lamps to create a peaceful energy in your bedroom.


You may be surprised to read that fresh flower should not be displayed in the bedroom. The reason for this is that it takes away oxygen which one essentially needs during the sleep cycle.

Instead, it is advised that you light a single candle or burn essential oils that help create a calm and soothing environment.

You can choose ylang-ylang, lavender, peppermint or sandalwood to relax after a long and tiring day. However, make sure you do not use orange, lemon or grapefruit scents before bed as they can end up energising you instead of making you feel calm. Our Reiki experts advise storing these invigorating oils in the kitchen instead of the bedroom.

Hope you find these Reiki room ideas helpful to create a positive sanctuary in your home!


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Make your rental the best place to live with some simple Feng Shui tips!

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Feng Shui

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Vaastu For November 2021

hall colour combination images

Vaastu Colours for Exterior Walls!

According to the principles of Vaastu Shastra, specific mandates have been laid down for exterior walls. Vaastu experts have very specific suggestions for wall colours to be used in home exteriors. It is believed that Vaastu colour therapy has healing power and rectifies imperfections in homes. Check out Vaastu colours for outside wall paint that we have put together just for you.

Blue, the Colour of Tranquillity

Blue, the magnificent colour of the skies and the oceans represent hope. Splash this on your home exteriors and see it work it wonders!

Green, the Colour of Nourishment

Green stands for vitality. Painting your home exterior walls green is believed to align with the energy of nature. Embrace this glorious shade to reinvigorate and welcome freshness into your home.

Yellow, the Colour of Positivity

Yellow, the colour of the sun radiates positivity and good energy. Paint your exterior walls yellow to welcome warmth inside your home.

Pink, the Colour of Love

Pink, the colour of love is perfect to welcome a bundle of joy and romance into your lives. Don’t think twice before going forward with this colour.

Orange, the Colour of Happiness

Orange is a vibrant shade that is considered auspicious. It radiates warmth and is a powerful, mood-enhancing shade. You can opt for this citrusy hue to invite happiness into your home.

Peach, the Colour of Contentment

Peach is a lovely shade that is believed to attract good energy into the house. It symbolises prosperity and family love.

Brown, the Colour of Stability

Brown, the colour of the earth is considered durable and dependable. It is a great colour choice for exterior walls.

In conclusion, when you pick one of these colours for the exteriors of your house, look at the qualities of each colour and what it can help bring in your lives. Pick a colour that works best for you!

Hope you find this Vaastu colour guide useful. To get your exterior walls painted by professionals, you can call on our toll-free number – 1800 103 6030 or SMS ‘XP‘ to 56767.


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