Discover the story behind the oldest colour trend in the world For November 2019

Yellow Paintings on Wall

Did you know that the colour yellow is the oldest colour in art history? Read on to know all about it.

If you observe, yellow is seen in the oldest painting of Egypt and Ancient Rome. Egyptians were quite fascinated by the colour and used it extensively. Thanks to its association with the colour gold, it was considered indestructible, eternal and powerful.

The colour was made using natural ochre mineral. In fact, it can be found as far back as the prehistoric times in cave paintings. The yellow sun has been worshipped by many religions with numerous sun gods wearing yellow as representations of it. Owing to its associations with sunlight, yellow is often seen as a warm colour, representing optimism and happiness. It is a colour that has an old connection with the world of art, with famous painters like Vincent Van Gogh using it as a signature colour, symbolising happiness.

Interestingly, an artificial substitute for yellow ochre was found in the 1920s, and it is still used till date. Yellow is a colour that runs common in many different communities. In India, there is also a custom behind the colour yellow. Turmeric, a yellow antiseptic paste was applied at the entrance of Indian houses on or near the front door as a ‘cleansing’ ritual.

With time, it turned into a design feature with people using yellow paint. Its ability to absorb heat less added to its charm and encouraged further use of this colour. It became a favourite with those living in a hot and humid climate. If you take a walk on the streets of Panjim in Goa, you are bound to come across beautifully-restored buildings in this lovely hue, displaying the rich heritage of Portugal.

It is the colour of traffic lights and signs that indicates caution all over the world. In Japan, it is often used to represent courage. Bright marigold yellow is associated with death in some parts of Mexico. Back in the day, those condemned to die during the Inquisition wore yellow as a sign of treason. Jews during the Middle Ages were labelled with a yellow patch. During the Nazi era of prosecution, the European Jews were forced to wear yellow or yellow “Stars of David."

To conclude, no matter where in the world you go, you are sure to see the colour yellow being used. It is a popular wall paint colour for house.


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