Say Cheers to Bright and Bold Weddings! For November 2014

Weddings are undoubtedly matches made in heaven and careful décor combinations made by you! Today, weddings are much more than finding your perfect partner, finding and executing the perfect theme seems to be as important, if not more. When we talk about themes, it's all about getting your colour coordination correct. Colours are no longer only seen on the bride and her entourage but are a permanent fixture for everything, right from the wedding cake, invitations to the centrepieces, which are all colour coordinated.

With themed weddings taking precedence over everything else, being aware of the correct colour combination has become the deal maker. If you manage to narrow down on the perfect colour combination for your wedding's theme, consider half your work done.

We will try to make this entire process a little simple for you by giving you a few simple decorating ideas which will make life a little easy! Firstly, be careful while choosing your location and try to look for a place without any décor or colour. This is important because, for instance, if you want to opt for a hot pink coloured theme and the location has a navy and maroon interior décor – it would clash. So, always pick up the venue keeping in mind your preferred colour scheme.

Once the location is sealed, use your chosen colours carefully keeping in mind what kind of an ambience you want to project on your big day. Will it be a peaceful retreat, a romantic getaway or a high-adrenaline affair? Depending on this, apply your colour effects sensibly to the following aspects. The application of the theme starts much before the wedding day, beginning from the day you send out your invites. It is important to have your invitations set the stage for the actual event. The invites should be able to project the mood you want to evoke on your D-day. Once you are done with your inviting, it is time to focus on your attire. The attire should reflect your colour accents very subtly and allow the décor around you to make the stronger statement.

Now, coming to the flowers… the best thing about them is that no matter which colour you have chosen, in all probability, you can find flowers in that shade. Just in case they turn out to be unaffordable and aren't an option, you can also opt for neutral white flowers with other décor elements, which can look very stylistic. Finally, we come to the wedding cake, which is the easiest place to incorporate some yummy colours. The only thing to keep in mind throughout the process is to not overdo the 'matchy' look and try to keep the entire vibe as organic as possible.

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