Monsoon Magic Infuse Your Home with Vibrant Colours! For May 2023

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Blue wall décor

The monsoon season is upon us, and what better way to brighten up those gloomy rainy days than with some stunning colours to decorate home?

Keep scrolling below for some gorgeous monsoon colors that are perfect for the monsoon season!

Shades of Blue and Grey

This colour palette is inspired by the monsoon skies. The varying shades of blue and grey mimic the cloudy and rainy weather. These colours also have a calming effect and will create a serene atmosphere in any room.

Forest Greens

Another great colour palette for the monsoon season is forest greens. These rich, deep greens will bring the outdoors inside and create a calming and grounding effect. This palette is perfect for creating a nature-inspired atmosphere in your home.

Bold and Blue

For a more daring approach, consider a bold and blue colour palette. This can include shades of electric blue, navy and cobalt. These colours will add a pop of excitement to any space and are perfect for brightening up those dreary monsoon days.

Bright and Bold

Who says the monsoon season has to be dull and dreary? Inject some energy into your space with a bright and bold colour palette. Think hot pinks, oranges and yellows - reminiscent of the vibrant umbrellas and raincoats that dot the streets during monsoons.

Muted Neutrals

If you're looking for a more subtle approach to your monsoon décor, consider a muted neutral colour palette. This can include soft greys, beige and off-whites. These colours will create a warm atmosphere - perfect for curling up with a good book on a rainy day.

Jewel Tones

Jewel tones are a classic choice for the monsoon season. Think rich purples, emerald greens and deep blues. These colours will add a touch of luxury to your space and create a moody and atmospheric ambience.

Coral and Peach

If you're looking for a colour palette that's both bright and soothing, consider coral and peach. These warm, inviting colours are reminiscent of a tropical sunset and will create a cosy and inviting atmosphere in your home.


For a more minimalist approach, consider a monochrome colour palette. This can include shades of white, grey and black. These colours will create a sleek and sophisticated atmosphere, perfect for a modern and minimalistic home.

In conclusion, the monsoon season is the perfect time to experiment with new colours and palettes in your home. Whether you choose bold and bright, or muted and subtle, there's a colour palette out there for everyone. So why not try something new this monsoon season and transform your home with some stunning colours!


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