What’s Your Self-Quarantine Personality?

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Is social distancing keeping you home? Find out what is your quarantine personality. And of course, stay home and stay safe!

Pick an outfit
  • A) Shorts and an oversized tee
  • B) Yoga pants and hoodie
  • C) PJs
Pick a food of your choice
  • A) Cookies and cakes
  • B) Wholesome salads
  • C) Maggie and canned food
How much COVID-19 news have you been watching
  • A) Moderate amount
  • B) Trying to ignore it (Positive vibes only!)
  • C) As much as possible
Pick your survival tool
  • A) Baking
  • B) Exercising
  • C) Binge-watching
Pick a survival companion of your choice
  • A) Dog
  • B) Cat
  • C) Partner
What takes up most of your time during this period?
  • A) Cleaning
  • B) Workouts
  • C) Lounging
What is the first thing you’ll do when social distancing is over?
  • A) Meet friends
  • B) Hit the gym
  • C) Visit favourite restaurant
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