Creating Art At Your Finger Tips For May 2018

According to earliest records, the Chinese made nail polish by mixing egg whites, beeswax, gelatine, vegetable dyes and gum. They left it to sit for several hours on their nails and what resulted was a pink finish. Egyptians and Indians practiced nail art during the same time using an orange dye derived from the Henna plant. In 1917, Cutex produced the first modern nail polishes by introducing coloured nail glosses, which gave birth to nail art. One of the first designs to become famous was the "moon manicure." This design in nail art involved painting the middle of the nail while leaving the moon of the nail unpainted.

The next revolution came from the Revson brothers and Charles Lachman who created Revlon, the famous nail enamel. There was a dramatic change in the industry due to their use of pigments instead of dyes. This allowed for new designs and colours to quickly be adapted.

Today, nail art has become more artistic with symbols, magnetic polish, crystals, air brushing, nail wraps, crackle polish, acrylic and gel polish getting introduced. Japanese nail art has gathered prominence in the past few years as well. The popularity of Japanese nail art comes from its technicality and preciseness in creating spectacular works of art.

Nail art is a rage in the world of fashion and is flaunted as an accessory to a look. It requires mastery over the art and is done with the help of needles, stencils and nail brushes. Another art of nail designing is done by applying stones, beads, flowers, feathers, clips and stones on the surface of the nails. Yet another popular method of nail art is piercing. Chains, clips, buttons, precious and semi-precious metals are glued onto the nail surface in this form of nail art.

Nail art is a great way to treat yourself and almost every woman, no matter her age or style loves trying it out. Nail parties make for great birthday parties and family gatherings! If you interested in nail art, you can start with something simple and creative. You can experiment with different colours, polishes and designs. No matter the event or the season, there is a nail art that is appropriate and fun for every occasion possible!

What do you think? Aren't you surprised by the history of the nail art?

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