What’s Your Happy Colour?

white and brown living room decor and walls

What colour do you radiate when you are at your happiest? Take this quick quiz and find out!

What brings you joy?
  • A) Travelling
  • B) Cooking
  • C) Dancing
What season were you born in?
  • A) Rainy
  • B) Winter
  • C) Summer
What colour reminds you of your childhood?
  • A) Green
  • B) Purple
  • C) Yellow
What quality are you most proud of?
  • A) Passionate
  • B) Driven
  • C) Cheerful
What is your favourite smell?
  • A) Petrichor
  • B) Freshly baked bread
  • C) Flowers
Which terrain would you like to explore?
  • A) The rainforest
  • B) The mountains
  • C) The ocean
How would you like to decorate your bedroom?
  • A) Homely and comforting
  • B) Filled with books, paintings
  • C) Bright and colourful
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